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Valhalla Chronicles

Four heroes, four faiths, four adventures - prepare for a journey deep into a dangerous world you have never experienced before and meet the challenges of Valhalla Chronicles. Valhalla Chronicles takes place in a mythological world of Norse around the years 800-1000. Valhalla Chronicles will put in the role of one of four heroes to interact with other humans and gods, choose your enemies and allies and go on a variety of missions in the presence of history.

Release Date: June 21, 2002

Developer: Paradox Interactive


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    This is my series for the PC release of Valkyria Chronicles.

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    Greg and Ben remember what made Valkyria Chronicles so great while admiring the new PC port released on Steam.

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    We www.bitparade.co.uk take a look at the Steam release of Valkyria Chronicles, the Sega PS3 classic As you can see it runs...

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    Welcome to the Walkthrough for the newly released PC Version of Valkyria Chronicles. Remember to subscribe, like and...

  • Valkyria Chronicles PC (1080p60)

    First skirmish mission of the game, no GeDoSaTo downsampling etc. Just vanilla off-the-shelf 1080p60, which most decent PCs...

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    War is lonely, but at least Im surrounded by cheerful anime characters in this excellent PC port.

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    War is lonely, but at least Im surrounded by cheerful anime characters in this excellent PC port.

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    I totally A ranked that sucker.

  • Valkyria Chronicles PC - Mission 3 gameplay (60 fps)

    A couple of quick notes: - Theres some audio issues which might be apparent in the video, but hopefully thatll be patched soon.

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  • Valkyria Chronicles Review

    Gallia, we march for thee.

  • Valkyria Chronicles Gameplay Sample

    This is just a video to show what the main game is like. Ive tried to describe it to my friends, and thought a video would be the best...

  • Valhalla Chronicles PC

    valkyria chronicles 2 pc valhalla chronicles video game valhalla chronicles pc screenshot valhalla chronicles download valhalla...

  • Valhalla Chronicles PC

    valhalla chronicles pc review valhalla chronicles video game valhalla chronicles pc screenshot valhalla chronicles computer...

  • Valhalla Chronicles PC

    valhalla chronicles pc game valhalla chronicles pc game valhalla chronicles pc gameplay valhalla chronicles pc release date...

  • Valkyria Chronicles Gameplay - HD Test

    Test recording of combat footage of my favorite characters from Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3, done by the Hauppauge HD PVR...

  • Valhalla Chronicles PC

    valhalla chronicles computer valhalla chronicles download valhalla chronicles pc game valhalla chronicles pc release date...

Questions & Answers

  • Any PSP games that let you make your own character?

    I know: Tales of the World Radiant Mythology Valhalla Knights Dungeons and Dragons Tactics Phantasy Star Portable 2 White Knight Chronicles Dogma Wars LEGO Series Katekyo

    Fate Extra, Class of Heroes

  • Are there any co-op Wii games?

    ...and by that I mean a game where you have a certain mission/objective and you team up with somebody (or a group of people) online and try to do it with them in an

    Battalion Wars Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Mario Strikers Charged Monster Hunter Tri (Not coming out until April 2010 unfortunately) Super Smash Bros. Brawl Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Those are all the Online coop games I found so they might night be Action/Adventure. I don't know how any of their online coops work except for Brawl there is a mode where you and an online friend can fight against 100 people or something like that. It gets kind of boring after a while So for Online coop I would explore some of those other games I listed.

  • What are some good anime games?

    I have a PS3, PSP, and a 3DS, so games on those systems are preferred. Lesser known games are well appreciated!

    if you mean JRPG's, there are a ton of them on PSP, but sadly very few on 3DS and PS3. For the PSP, look up: Persona 3 Astonishia Story Valhalla Knights Star Ocean: First Departure Star Ocean: Second Evolution Persona 2 Persona 1 Brave Story: New Traveler Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy II Ys: I and II Chronicles Ys: Seven Ys: The Oath in Felghana Valhalla Knights 2 Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions The Legend Of Heroes The Legend Of Heroes II The Legend Of Heroes III The Legend Of Heroes IV Phantasy Star Portable Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology And there are even more JRPG's for the PSP. That is a list that should get you started and those are the greatest titles, hope you play them. But, yeah the PSP and the PS2 are the only systems for a wide list of JRPG's. Good luck, man.


    Hampir smua RPG di PSP sudah aku pernah mainkan, kira kira ada yg punya ide game apa yang bagus untuk PSP? Aku suka Game seperti Persona 3, Valkyria Chronicles, Trails in the sky,

    Coba ini saja... - Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. - Blade Dancer Lineage of Light. - Legend of Heroes series (1, 2, 3), Legend of Heroes Trail in the Sky. - Star Ocean First Departure. - Star Ocean Second Evolution. - Kingdom of Paradise. - Astonisia Story. - Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner. - Riviera Promished Land. - Phantasy Star Portable. - Valhalla Knights 1, 2. - White Knight Chronicles Origins. - Mana Khemia Student Alliance. - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona.

  • Whats your top 10 fravourite psp and ds games?

    PSP 1) Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness 2) Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions 3) Valhalla Knights 4) Killzone: Liberation 5) Dungeon Maker 6) Monster Hunter Freedom 7) Final Fantasy: Crisis Core 8) Powerstone Collection 9) Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords 10) Patapon DS: 1) Jump Super/Ultimate Stars (Japanese) 2) Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3) Soma Bringer (Japanese, possible US release) 4) Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin 5) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow 6) New York Times Crosswords 7) Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 (Japanese, US TBA) 8) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 9) Mario Kart 10) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

  • What is a good lesbian story to read?

    I've been reading lesbian books lately(not porn or dirty type) just regular books. I would like to read like the books of a guy and a girl except with two girls,and no guy

    Tns and tons of books to read..... Classic fiction and drama La Garçonne (The Bachelor Girl) - Victor Margueritte - (1922) The Well of Loneliness - Radclyffe Hall - (1928) - subject of an obscenity trial that banished the book in the United Kingdom until 1949, though "there are no descriptions of sex in it, no rude words, and the lesbian lovers do not live happily ever after." Ladies Almanack - Djuna Barnes - (1928) Orlando: A Biography - Virginia Woolf - (1928) The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas - Gertrude Stein - (1933) - one of Stein's more accessible works. Others, whose lesbian content may not be apparent to the uninformed reader, include As a Wife Has a Cow: A Love Story, Lifting Belly, and Miss Furr and Miss Skeene. The Children's Hour - Lillian Hellman - (1934) Nightwood - Djuna Barnes - (1936) Torchlight to Valhalla - Gale Wilhelm - (1938) Spring Fire - Marijane Meaker (as Vin Packer) (1952) The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith - (1952) Odd Girl Out, I Am A Woman, Women In The Shadows, Journey To A Woman, and Beebo Brinker a.k.a. the "Beebo Brinker Chronicles" - Ann Bannon (1957 - 1962) The Group - Mary McCarthy (1962) The Killing of Sister George - Frank Marcus - (1963) Desert of the Heart - Jane Rule - (1964) (basis for the 1985 film Desert Hearts) Patience and Sarah - Isabel Miller (1969) Modern fiction (post-Stonewall) Rubyfruit Jungle - Rita Mae Brown The Wanderground - Sally Miller Gearheart The Color Purple - Alice Walker Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - Jeanette Winterson Written on the Body, The Passion - Jeanette Winterson Stone Butch Blues - Leslie Feinberg Bastard Out of Carolina - Dorothy Allison Under the Witness Tree, Dance in the Key of Love - Marianne K. Martin Tipping the Velvet - Sarah Waters Lover - Bertha Harris Fingersmith - Sarah Waters Hood, Stirfry, Kissing the Witch, "Life Mask" - Emma Donoghue Like, Hotel World - Ali Smith Sita - Kate Millet Cat Rising - Cyn Chadwick Love's Masquerade - Radclyffe Of Drag Kings and the Wheel of Fate - Susan "Smitty" Smith Mousson de femmes (Monsoon of women) - Elula Perrin Affinity - Sarah Waters The Night Watch - Sarah Waters Loving Her - Ann Allen Shockley Fresh Tracks - Georgia Beers "Idaho Code" -Joan Opyr The Teahouse Fire - Ellis Avery Beyond the Pale - Elana Dykewomon Such A Pretty Face - Gabrielle Goldsby Punk Like Me - JD Glass Flight Risk - Kim Baldwin Love Ruins Everything Karen X. Tulchinsky (1998) Press Gang Publishers Love and Other Ruins Karen X. Tulchinsky (2002) Polestar Publishing The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky Karen X. Tulchinsky (2003) Polestar Publishing Crybaby Butch- Judith Frank (2004) Firebrand Books Back Talk- Saxon Bennett (2006) Bella Books - [1] Mystery novels There are a great number of contemporary lesbian mysteries, a genre that is often more welcoming to sexual minorities. Alison Kaine, a lesbian Denver, Colorado police officer in mysteries by Kate Allen Allison O'Neill, a lesbian in mysteries by Lauren Wright Douglas Amanda Valentine, a lesbian detective inspector in Wellington, New Zealand by Rose Beecham Wilhelmina "Bil" Hardy, an amateur lesbian detective in Cowslip, Idaho by Joan Opyr Brenda Strange, a private investigator of the weird in Tampa, Florida by Patty Henderson Brett Higgins, a lesbian pseudo-criminal in Detroit mystery/thrillers by Therese Szymanski Caitlin Reece, a lesbian in mysteries by Lauren Wright Douglas Carmen Ramirez, a 24-year-old Irish-Puerto Rican lesbian copy editor at her hometown newspaper in Frontier City, Oklahoma by Lisa Haddock Carol Ashton, a lesbian detective inspector in Sydney, Australia in mysteries by Claire McNab Cassandra Reilly, a widely travelled lesbian translator in mysteries by Barbara Wilson Cassidy James, a lesbian private investigator based in Portland, Oregon in mysteries by Kate Calloway Colleen Fitzgerald, a lesbian insurance investigator in mysteries by Barbara Johnson Desiree "Dez" Reilly, a lesbian policewoman in St. Paul, Minnesota in mysteries by Lori L. Lake Emma Victor, a lesbian private investigator in San Francisco in mysteries by Mary Wings Gianna Maglione, lesbian police lieutenant in Washington, D.C. in mysteries by Penny Mickelbury Hilary Tamar(?), an androgynous lawyer in mysteries by Sarah Caudwell. In fact, Caudwell never specified Tamar's sex. Inspector Sarah Nelson in mysteries by Susan Wolfe Jane Lawless, a lesbian restaurant owner and private investigator in Minneapolis in mysteries by Ellen Hart Jet Butler, a lesbian college professor in mysteries by B. Reese Johnson Jo Jacuzzo, a charismatic lesbian in Buffalo, New York in mysteries by Anne Seale Jude Devine, a lesbian sheriff's detective in Montezuma County, Colorado in mysteries by Rose Beecham Kate Delafield, a lesbian LAPD homicide detective and former Marine in mysteries by Katherine V. Forrest Kate Martinelli, a lesbian San Francisco homicide detective in mysteries by Laurie R. King Kellen Stewart, a therapist and a lesbian in Great Britain by Manda Scott Kylie Kendall, the lesbian manager of a pub in tiny Wollegudgerie, Australia who inherits 51% of her father's private detective agency in Los Angeles, California in mysteries by Claire McNab Lauren Laurano, a lesbian private investigator in Manhattan, in mysteries by Sandra Scoppettone Lexy Hyatt, a lesbian crime reporter in Florida in mysteries by Carlene Miller Lindsay Gordon, a lesbian journalist & socialist in Glasgow, Scotland in mysteries by Val McDermid Maggie Garrett, a young, lesbian private investigator in San Francisco, California in mysteries by Jean Taylor Maris Middleton, a lesbian chemist with a specialization in forensics in mysteries by Kaye Davis Meg Lacey, a lesbian private investigator based in Canada in mysteries by Elizabeth Bowers Micky Knight, a lesbian New Orleans private investigator in mysteries by J.M. Redmann Monette O'Reilley, towering lesbian and star player of the Leaping Lesbians of Park Slope soccer team and graphic artist in New York in mysteries by David Stukas Nickel (Nicole) Smith, a lesbian small-town newspaper editor in Runnymeade by Rita Mae Brown Pam Nilsen, lesbian printing company owner in Seattle, Washington by Barbara Wilson Saz Martin, a lesbian private investigator in London by Stella Duffy Stoner McTavish, a lesbian travel agent in Boston, Massachusetts by Sarah Dreher Sydney Sloan, a lesbian private investigator in New York, New York, in the Stonewall Inn mysteries by Randye Lordon Tru North, a lesbian police detective in Kansas City, Missouri in mysteries by Janet McClellan Virginia Kelly, a lesbian investment advisor in mysteries by Nikki Baker the Unexpected series by Gina Dartt Romance novels Contemporary Lesbian Romances are typified by the novels from Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, and Marianne K. Martin Curious Wine -- Katherine V. Forrest Considered the definitive lesbian romance novel All True Lovers, by Sarah Aldridge is a romance novel about two women who fall in love during the Great Depression Legacy of Love, Love in the Balance, Dawn of the Dance, Never Ending, Mirrors, Under the Witness Tree, Dance in the Key of Love by Marianne K. Martin Honor Series, Justice Series, Provincetown Series-Radclyffe Most of the books listed below are available from SCP. Star Crossed Production Course of Action -- Gun Brooke Define Destiny -- JM Dragon First Instinct -- JLee Meyer-- When high stakes security fraud leads to murder, one woman flees for her life while another races against time to save the woman who has staked a claim on her heart. Recipient 2007 Golden Crown Literary Society Award, Lesbian Adventure/Mystery/Thriller. Rising Storm -- JLee Meyer -- Conn Stryker and Leigh Grove pledge to be together but that pledge is shattered when one of Conn's mothers is kidnapped in Pakistan -- and the secret agent is the only ransom the kidnappers will accept. This exciting sequel to First Instinct takes our heroines on a dangerous journey from California to Paris and through the deadly streets of Karachi, Pakistan. Forever Found -- JLee Meyer-- Dana and Kerri are soulmates in pre-school, separated by tragedy at 8, and brought together again by fate 20 years later. As their attraction grows, the past resurfaces to threaten the shape of their future. More Than Paradise, and the Moon Island Series: Passion Bay, Saving Grace, The Sacred Shore, A Guarded Heart, and Dark Vista Series: Dark Dreamer, Dark Valentine -- Jennifer Fulton I Found My Heart In San Francisco Series, Arbor Vitae -- SX Meagher Embrace in Motion, Car Pool, In Every Port, Maybe Next Time, One Degree of Separation, Sugar, Unforgettable, All the Wrong Places, Making Up For Lost Time, Paperback Romance, Painted Moon, Substitute for Love, Touchwood, Wild Things, Watermark (sequel to Touchwood) -- [2] The Light Fantastic -- L A Tucker None So Blind -- LJ Maas Galveston 1900: Swept Away, The Bluest Eyes in Texas, and Borderline -- Linda Crist The Price OF Fame, The Cost Of Commitment, The Value of Valor -- Lynn Ames Infinite Loop -- Meghan O'Brien Innocent Hearts, Love's Melody Lost, Love's Tender Warriors, Tomorrow's Promise, Passion's Bright Fury, Love's Masquerade -- Radclyffe Hunter's Pursuit, Force of Nature, Whitewater Rendezvous, Focus of Desire -- [Kim Baldwin] Gloria's Inn -- Robin Alexander Private Dancer -- TJ Vertigo Turning the Page, Thy Neighbor's Wife, Too Close to Touch, Fresh Tracks --- Georgia Beers Turning Point, Lara Zielinsky Such A Pretty Face--Gabrielle Goldsby Lesbian science fiction, fantasy, and horror Lesbian science fiction works frequently address the issue of feminist/lesbian separatist communities. See Lesbian science fiction for a more detailed review. Joanna Russ The Female Man Marion Zimmer Bradley's Renunciate series Jane Fletcher's Celano series Therese Szymanski's Call of the Dark Anthology Karin Kallmaker, Barbara Johnson, Julia Watts and Therese Szymanski's New Exploits books, including Bell, Book & Dyke: New Exploits of Magical Lesbians and Stake Through the Heart: New Expoits of Twilight Lesbians Nicola Griffith's Ammonite, Slow River Katherine V. Forrest's Daughters of A Coral Dawn Diana River's Hadra Series Laurie J. Marks' Dancing Jack, Elemental Series [Fire Logic, Earth Logic, Water Logic] Meghan O'Brien's The Three Pam Keesey's Daughters of Darkness and Dark Angels Gun Brooke's Supreme Constellations series Gay male author Geoff Ryman's Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning The Child Garden features a lesbian protagonist.

  • What are the best RPG games for Nintendo Wii?

    1. What are the best RPG games for Nintendo Wii? 2. I'm only gonna buy a nintendo wii console on ebay, without anything else. What are all the accesories that I need? Do any

    1. Don't buy a Wii to play RPG's, there are very few and the ones that are on there are very low quality. If you are going to buy a Wii you have a couple of choices. Here is a list of every current RPG on the system: * Arc Rise Fantasia * Baroque * Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity * Dokapon Kingdom * Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors * Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers * Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon * Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn * Little King's Story * Marvel: Ultimate Alliance * Muramasa: The Demon Blade * Rune Factory: Frontier * Shiren the Wanderer * Super Paper Mario * Sword of Legendia * Tales of Graces * Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World * Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Super Paper Mario is less of an RPG this time around but the dynamics from the previous games in the series are still present in some forms. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World pales in comparison to the original on the Gamecube, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga is a bug riddled mess, Shiren the Wanderer is infuriating and Muramasa is probably the only game in list that is worth playing. Muramasa is beautiful with stunning 2D art design and fantastic set pieces. It's got a solid engine and challenging but not impossible game play. The Wii is not a console designed for RPG's. 2. I assume you mean you're buying the console with the power brick, composite cables, wii remote and nuchuck so I'll avoid saying "you need those" You don't really need any accesories to use the Wii. Those ridiculous plastic attachments like the tennis racket and golf club are pointless. All I would reccomend would a Gamecube controller to play games like Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Component Cables to play in 480p on a High Definition television. Hope I helped.

  • What psp games where you can customize equipment and job class?

    I want a psp game where I can customize a character's equipment or probably change the job class like swordsman, mage, etc. something like that. I

    Kingdom hearts? Final fantasy? idk

  • If i buy 6 phatom of darkness yugioh packs what are my chances of geting a yubel or dark armerd dragon?

    i don't know but if it helps just yesterday i bought 3 phantom darkness packs and 2 primanal pack 2 and theas were the cards i pulled out; E*hero knosp E*hero lady heat E* poison rose E*hero heat rose bud hero's bond neo-spacan twinkel moss dark armd dragon dark crusader canon soilder mk-2 sea koala regenerationg rose vengeful shinobi wind enffety dark nephthys war-lion ritual valhalla, hall of the fallen chain sumoning cyberneic zone gladeator beast's battle archfeind sheild spell chronicle hannibal necromancer the imortal bushi armored cybern metabo globster magnat mosquito gladeator beast darius samsara lotus blue thunder t-45 earth enfety fine cybernetic hidden technology all-out attack mirage tribute dimesion exspolsion alchemy cycal that's what i pulled out of thoes packs yesterday so that might give ya an idea of what odds are of you getting the cards you want!! ^_^

  • Is there any new PSP with more memory?

    i want to buy PSP but if it come a new one i can wait! and please tell me the best games for PSP!

    There are "slimmer" PSP's out on the market today, but they play the same games and have the same key functions as the original PSP. A few features for the slimmer PSP are: 1) slightly more ergonomical design. (fits your hand better) 2) faster loading time from the UMD disks. 3) watch movies and play games on a larger TV screen with a cable that connects your PSP to your TV (sold separately) As far as memory, you can upgrade your memory stick anytime you like. I have a 4 GB memory stick in my PSP, which has about 50 songs, 80 pictures, and 20-25 game saves, and I haven't even really began to fill it up. There may be a larger memory stick than the 4 GB, but the 4 GB is the biggest that I could find. Now onto games, a lot of the games listed above are good (note that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been cancelled for the PSP) but I really enjoyed the RPG's on the PSP such as: 1) Final Fantasy I 2) Final Fantasy II 3) Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness 4) Astonishia Story 5) Valhalla Knights There are also other amazing titles such as 1) Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles 2) Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron 3) Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions 4) Tekken Dark Resurrection 5) Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus 6) Metal Gear Acid 7) Metal Gear Acid 2 and too many more to list here!

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