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Vega Strike

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  • Vega Strike 0.5.0

    Manual here: Download here: Tutorial:...

  • video vega strike battaglie.wmv

    Video relativo al gioco open source di combattimenti spaziali Vega Strike, realizzato da me applicando una patch che traduce in...

  • Vega Strike 0.5.x Tutorial Part 1/5 Bewegung in MenĂ¼s [German]

    Der erste Teil der Tutorial Reihe.

  • VegaStrike 0.5.0 (2)

    This is my second Vega Strike Trailer now I will begin with the Flying Navigation VS Videos. Tutorial:...

  • Let's Play Vegastrike

    I get a bit shouty around minute 8, so mind your volume. But I do some funny voices you might enjoy, unless youre called Gaming...

  • Popular Vega Strike Videos

    I get a bit shouty around minute 8, so mind your volume. But I do some funny voices you might enjoy, unless youre called Gaming...

  • Vega Strike 0 5 0 Diaschow

    A diashow about the best OpenSource Space Simulator ever I hope you would like the game in the way that I do Tutorial:...

  • Vega Strike - Machina

    Das Vega Strike Lied Machina. Download: Meine Internetseite:

  • vegastrike atmospheric scattering test 1

    Das Vega Strike Lied Machina. Download: Meine Internetseite:

  • vegastrike atmospheric scattering test 2

    Das Vega Strike Lied Machina. Download: Meine Internetseite:

  • Let's Play Vega Strike

    TRIPL3 LP TRIPL3 LP Website - Facebook - Twitter...

  • Vega Strike 0.5.x Tutorial Part 5/5 Schiffssteuerung, NavComp, Tractor Beams [German]

    Ein kleines ca. 20 min o.0 update zum Vega Strike Tutorial. Inhalt: Tractor Beams Traktor Strahlen Navigation NavComp...

  • Vega Strike + OgrePlanet 20km flyby

    Vega Strike OgrePlanet and ugly shader for LOD testing .

  • Vega Strike 0.5.x Tutorial Part 2/5 Navigation im All [German]

    Der zweite Teil der Tutorial Reihe.

  • Vega Strike - Mission

    Das Vega Strike Lied Mission. Download: Meine Internetseite:

  • Vega Strike CVS hacking

    Altering text .csv or .xml files produce impossibly powerful space vessel.

  • Vega Strike - Aerapeace

    Das Vega Strike Lied Aerapeace. Download: Meine Internetseite:

  • Vega Strike - Galacticbattle

    Das Vega Strike Lied Galacticbattle. Download: Meine Internetseite:

  • Vega Strike - Battle1

    Das Vega Strike Lied Battle1. Download: Meine Internetseite:

  • Vega Strike 0.5.x Tutorial Part 4/5 Tipps und Tricks [German]

    Der vierte Teil der Tutorial Reihe.

Vega Strike is a first-person space trading and combat simulator, developed for Microsoft Windows, POSIX Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X systems. Many of the core game mechanics of Vega Strike are indirectly inspired by Elite. Other games, namely Wing Commander: Privateer, were particularly strong influences.

Vega Strike is programmed in C/C++ over the OpenGL 3D graphics API and performs internal scripting written in Python and XML. Released under the GNU General Public License, Vega Strike is free and open source software.

Vega Strike aims to insert players into a large, dynamic universe with diverse factions of varying disposition to the player and to each other, and an economy model where trade, combat and exploration are all profitable. Financial gains allow the player to buy upgrades and/or better vehicles, thus enabling him/her to advance into more dangerous and profitable missions. The player can have varying levels of relations with factions. Negative relations can form if the player kills some of a given faction ships. Positive relations can be formed if the player destroys ships that are part of an enemy to a given faction. Players can either buy and sell cargo, or accept missions from the Mission Computer, as well as talking to people in the local bar at the space station/planet. In the tradition of some precursor games, individuals of significant plot importance are often found in bars.

Questions & Answers

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    Looking for any casino in las vegas that has a silver strike machine

    I am not sure about Silver Strike, unless you are confusing it with the Quicksilver progressive slots which are at all the MGM Mirage properties. Here are a bunch of good free online slot machines you might like: http://www.pokiewins.com/play-free-onlin...

  • Silver Strike Slot Machines in Las Vegas?

    I am looking for Silver Strike slot machines in Las Vegas. If anyone has been to Las Vegas recently and knows where there are any I would greatly appreciate it. Am going to Vegas in

    This site has all the information on Silver Strike coins. http://www.silverstrikers.com They maintain an updated list of casinos with Silver Strike machines. Current list of casinos with Silver Strike coins Planet Hollywood Bill's Gamblin Hall Bellagio MGM Grand Mirage Monte Carlo NY NY Slots-A-Fun Treasure Island Gold Coast Hard Rock Orleans Palms Sam's Town California El Cortez Four Queens Fremont Golden Nugget Plaza This is the last list that I compiled The Gamblers General Store "generally" maintains a large inventory of Silver Strike coins which are no longer available at the casinos. http://www.gamblersgeneralstore.com ~Jack~ .

  • Do any casinos in las vegas still have silver strike machines?

    Is there any casinos in las vegas that still have the slot machines "silver strike" where they pay out a silver coin if you hit the silver strike?

    Las Vegas, Nevada El Cortez Four Queens Mirage Sam's Town http://www.silverstrikers.com/Web/Main/S...

  • Have you ever heard of someone striking it rich in Vegas?

    People go there with the hopes of making money quick but does anyone actually ever go there just to have a good time and end up coming home with a load of cash (a la Mr. Papagorgio in

    Of course there are people that strike it rich and leave with fortunes. However, they usually come back and lose the fortunes in the hopes of 'making more'. The rules of thumb are: 1) if you win, cash out and RUN with the $$$. 2) The longer you play the more you will lose. 3) The house ALWAYS wins. Period. It's all mathematical in their favor. 4) Don't, ever, try to "win back" any losses. You will lose more. Casinos were not built on people winning but rather losing and leaving their money behind on attractions, etc.

  • Nbc listed its shows that were returning this spring after the writers strike, but las vegas was not listed.?

    why was las vegas not among the shows nbc said were coming back this spring with new episodes? what is its status?

    Las Vegas has been canceled. http://community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/... ETA: Here is a Q & A with the show's creator about how he feels about the cancellation. http://community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/... Here is information about a campaign to get a handful of wrap-up episodes. People are sending baby booties to NBC. http://community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/...


    Does anyone know if Lucky Strike in Vegas will reopen? Last time I was there it was closed & windows covered up

    I think it opened in March but you might want to check with the casino.

  • Is it naturally possible for a hurricane strike Las Vegas?

    Just a curious weather question. Obviously the hurricane would have to have moved well east from California and the Pacific Ocean, but would it be possible for a hurricane to affect

    It's virtually impossible. Hurricanes need very moist air to fuel them, and the closest body of warm water that might fit the bill is the Gulf of California--the Pacific Ocean off of California is too cold. Hurricanes have been known to move up the Gulf, though, and it's certainly possible for Yuma, Arizona or El Centro, California to be hit by one, but Las Vegas is too far inland and at too high an elevation to sustain hurricane circulation. There could be heavy rains and strong winds even at Las Vegas though.

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  • Is IGI2:Covert Strike a much more difficult and challenging game than Rainbow Six:Vegas ?

    Pleeaaazzzzeee answer only if u've mastered/played well through both the games. And kindly reply soon. Thank You!

    Yup but comparing IGI 2 & Rainbow Six: Vegas the latter has better graphics,better AI,better sound & more lasting experience than the former. IGI 2 is more like stealth & attack while Rainbow 6 Vegas is more like hit & run.

  • What game should i play?

    team fortress 2 oblivion new Vegas counter strike source amnesia

    Team Fortress 2 is free, so play it all you want. It's not like youre gonna have to shell money. Oblivion was good. WAS. It's kinda dated now. New Vegas is fine. If you enjoyed Fallout 3, hen this one is for you. Counter Strike Source is... I have no idea. Just wait for the new version of CS. I heard valve is planning a new one. Amnesia is good. Actually, it's very good. Scary. Single player only. Scary. Cool puzzles. Scary. Kinda short for me, and scary. Did I mention scary already

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