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Sail Simulator 5

Release Date: August 2009


  • Sail Simulator 2010 HD gameplay

    19201080, all max, 16XAF, Vsync on, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit 60-60FPS with Fraps Publisher : Iceberg Interactive Developer...

  • Sail Simulator 5 - Trailer IGS - PC

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  • Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe Edition gameplay

    Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe Edition gameplay, my favorite boats. Watch 1080p HD Song : Anno Domini Beats - The Underground.

  • Sail Simulator 5 Boat Set 1

    Check www.sailsimulator.com This add-on for Sail Simulator 5 containing 11 new boats including 6 youth boats and 3 cats.

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  • Sail Simulator 5 470 Gameplay

    Sail simulator 5 Gameplay Video, Forwarded x2.

  • Sail Simulator 5 tutorial Manual and Auto Crew movement.mp4

    Dirk IPR Tutorial Crew move Free Demo Sail Simulator 5 Manual and Auto Crew Movement.

  • LIVE - Sail Simulator 5 - Volvo Ocean Race VO70

    Live broadcasting from races in Sail Simulator 5, sailing the Open 70 Volvo Open 70 class

  • Sail Simulator 5 Gameplay online regata Laser

    Live broadcasting from races in Sail Simulator 5, sailing the Open 70 Volvo Open 70 class

  • Open Virtual 470 World FINAL race in Sail Simulator 5

    See the results at www.sailsimulator.com.

  • Segeln 2011 - Nord- und Ostsee PC/Sailing Simulator 2011 Gameplay [Deutsch kommentiert]

    dafr soll man geld bezahlen o0 NICHT

  • Sail Simulator 5 Gameplay online regata

    Una regata vittoriosa nei mari virtuali di Sail Simulator 5 di steve22. Per maggiori informazioni, il fan site italiano di Sail Simulator...

  • Sailing Simulator 5 - Gameplay

    Una regata vittoriosa nei mari virtuali di Sail Simulator 5 di steve22. Per maggiori informazioni, il fan site italiano di Sail Simulator...

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    Una regata in 470 nei mari virtuali di Sail Simulator 5 di steve22. Per maggiori informazioni, il fan site italiano di Sail Simulator 5:...

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    www.facebook.comatatv www.atamantv.blogspot.com Wspominamy gr ... dla mionikw agli

  • I played Sail Simulator 5

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  • Sail Simulator 5 Volvo 70

    user modified skins.

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    Hellos amigos, Clayton here playing some Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe. Really sorry about the black bit in the middle, was having to...

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    Sail Simulator 5.

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    In questa guida vengono mostrati i comandi di Sail Simulator 5 SS5 per cominciare a muoversi. La barca utilizzata il Laser...

Questions & Answers

  • Must-see Disneyland rides for 3- & 5-year-old sons?

    I plan to take my boys to Small World and Peter Pan's Flight, but since my boys are action/adventure-oriented (e.g. love Wii boxing & Lego Indiana Jones), I'd like to hear

    i do not go to Disneyland as often as the above poster who goes within months, but I do go fairly often. I thought I would point out that there is NOT an Indiana Jones show at Disneyland. This show is in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Disney World, the park in Florida. Also, Summer Nightastic isn't one show but a summer "event." There is a new fireworks show, if that is what the 1st person who answered meant. But there is also a special night lighting of Pixie Hollow, though I wouldn't recommend it for boys since it is pixies. There are also additions to the show Fantasmic, which I think your boys could love. It is indeed oriented around adventure and action. There are pirate fights and a large dragon, for example, plus a few new surprises. You can visit this site for official info: http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneyla... As for during the day, there are some nice rides you can visit that will probably cater to your sons' likes. As said above, they may be too small to ride Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. However, if you are taking someone else with you and one of your kids is tall enough to ride, you can do what is called a child swap. This is where one person waits with the smaller child and you ride with the other. Then, when you get off, the other member of your party rides with the child and you wait with the smaller. This is great because The child who is big enough can ride twice! Here are some other rides I would suggest: Splash Mountain (if they are tall enough). Great if they like the thrill of log flume rides! Pirates of the Carribean. Dark and spooky, and full of pirates! Haunted Mansion, if they like ghosts and the like. Jungle Cruise, if they like humor and pretending to sail through the wild. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (if they are tall enough). Great for a thrill! (If they like to go fast, ask to sit in the back. The front has to lag to wait for the back on certain hills so is at points slower) Star Tours, especially if they like Star Wars. The simulator ride is turbulant and adventerous :) Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, especially if they like video games. See how many points you can rack up! Space Mountain (if they are tall enough). Fast and fun roller coaster (type-ride, as they say in the queue) in the dark. Autopia, especially if they are tall enought to drive. Fun to get behind the wheel! (Though it's designed for kids, because the leg room can get a little cramped for taller adults. My foot/leg usually hurts after a full ride) Astro Orbitors. This is wonderful for kids who like space and rockets. Similar to Dumbo, but I think it's more fun. Matterhorn (if they are tall enough). Beware the yeti! Also, just be sure to ask your kids what looks like fun once you get there :) Have a great trip! edit: I forgot to add, you can check height limits here: http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneyla... (just click on the ride you want to check)

  • Proper windsurfing equipment?

    Hi, I am 20 years old i weight 85kg and i am 195cm tall.I have bought last summer new windsurfing equipment but in spite that i practice for 5 years i had a not so good teacher that

    I suggest that you read some books about wind surfing. I learned early on that good instruction was most important. Hire only certified instructors. Do know that board width controls stability. Sail size is deterned by your skill level and the wind speed. I had four sail rigs. Physical condition is also a factor, especially with water starts. We also always tried to use a dry land simulator.

  • Royal Carribean's Freedom Class?

    Hello, I will be going on a cruise this August with 6 adults, and 7 kids. Which Royal Carribean ship do you think is the best and why? I was thinking one of the Freedom Class ships.

    Actually there are three (3) classes of Royal Caribbean ships that you should consider. The Freedom Class, the Voyager Class, and the new Oasis Class which begins sailing this December. You can look at the features of all of these ships on this web link: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruis... There are 3 Freedom Class ships, 5 Voyager Class ships and will be 2 Oasis Class ships. The ships do not have water slides but they have plenty of water related activities. The Freedom Class ships and the new Oasis Class have surfing simulators where you can surf on a boogie board on the ship. The ships have ice skating, roller skating, rock climbing walls, miniature golf, and on the new Oasis ships a zip line and a merry go round. All of these programs and activities are free, included in the cruise fare. The ships have plenty for kids and adults including adults only areas of the ship, and kids areas called Adventure Ocean. Adventure Ocean has a teen disco area called Fuel where teens can hang out all day and evening.

  • What are some good camps for teens who want adventure, outdoors, and compeating?

    I'm interested in adventure camps where I can stay overnight. I'm 16 and I live in Southern California and want a camp where I can get away and do fun, adventurous activities

    Not So Cal where I grew up - but the place where I went to Winter School (and by winter I mean winter). In Indiana They have huge boats that the kids sail; like in housting sails. (on a 2000 acre lake that the school dominates) Co-ed. Compete. Fantastic facilites. Money is not an issue for people that go there. http://www.culver.org (after intro - click on summer schools and camps) Here is the link to your age group: http://www.culver.org/index.php?option=c... here is a list of about 100 activites - you will be required to sign up for 5: http://www.culver.org/index.php?option=c... you can sail, water ski, be in aflight simulator, shoot rifles, ride horses, play tennis, snorkel, play ice hockey, be in crew. then you will compete with your deck. you'll have a ball and the adreniline will flow Academy has buses to pick up from Chicago and South Bend airports. here is a (independt) blog from a girls deck: http://deckone2009.wordpress.com/

  • What is the best cruise ship for taking a 5 and 8 yr. old on ?? thanks lisa?

    i live in ohio, so it would have to be out of florida

    If your kids are really enthused with the Disney characters and you think they will enjoy being around Disney Characters every day of your cruise, then Disney cruise line MAY be best. The drawbacks with Disney is they currently have only two ships and both sail from Florida ports and have very limited itineraries. But Disney is not the only cruise line that has programs for kids. Pretty much all of the cruise lines have free programs to keep kids busy most of the day every day, and have places on their ships that are just for kids. The programs are managed and the kids supervised by professionally trained staff members who supervise the kids at play. The programs go by different names, like Adventure Ocean on Royal Caribbean ship, Navigators on Norwegian cruise line ships, and Camp Carnival on Carnival ships. But they are all free. My recommendation is consider (look for cruises on and compare) Disney, but also consider Carnival and Royal Caribbean. If I were your travel agent my first choice for you would be Royal Caribbean Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean cater to families and the ships will generally have a mixture of kids and adults, mostly ages 20 to 40 but also a few older. The major difference between the two is Carnival is the budget cruise line for first time cruiser and young folks who want to party. Both have programs for kids and areas of their ships where kids can hang out together. Royal Caribbean, however, has the most activities on its ships for kids. Things like ice skating, rock climbing wall, basketball court, roller blade track, mini-golf, and on the new Freedom class ship a surfing simulator called the ":Flowrider". But not all ships are the same and they do not all have all of these activities. You should go to the Carnival and RC web sites and look at the features of the ship you are considering. The very best ship to go on if you want a lot of things to do on ship are RC's Freedom, Liberty and Independence of the Seas ( http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruis... )and its Voyager Class ships (http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruis... ) Your best cruise itinerary/destination is probably the Caribbean. However, just because you live in Ohio you are not limited to cruises from Florida. You can board cruise ships for Caribbean itineraries at a number of ports from New York/New Jersey, to Norfolk, Va, to Galveston, Texas, to name just a few. So consider which of these is cheaper for you and family to get to. You can drive to all of these and park at the port, except in New York City. If you are still not sure then avail yourself of the free services of a travel agent and have him/her give you some options and prices from the ports I have mentioned as well as Florida ports.

  • Does anyone have the formulas for?

    The time of sunrise and sunset The declination of the Sun The location where the sun rises (it doesn't always rise exactly in the east. Does anyone have a formula for how many

    Yes, I have. Several years ago, I wrote an algorithm to show the sun and the moon at their right position in the flight simulator X-Plane. Two years ago, I rewrote it to show the time of aviation sunrise and sunset (6 degrees under the horizon) for the flight planner and GPS moving map, PocketFMS. If you write me privately, I can give you those algorithms. Note that the moon position is an aproximation and doesn't account for the +/- 5 degrees declination. But ... it was for a simulator, not astronomy precision. 40 years ago, I sailed with a sextant ... enough to know that precision moon's position is a headache of calculation!

  • What Was Your Royal Caribbean Cruise Experience Like?

    Hi, I'm a sixteen year old british girl and on June the 30th to 14th of July, I'm going on the Independence of the Sea's for two weeks around Italy/Spain it's called

    Hi there! Congratulations on your first cruise! You're going to have an amazing time. Royal Caribbean is truly a phenomenal cruise line. I have been on their ships 12 times, soon to be 14! I have never been on a Mediterranean cruise before but hear they are wonderful for sightseeing and adventures. I would strongly recommend booking all of your port excursions at home before you go via the Royal Caribbean website- otherwise they can become full. You are going on Royal Caribbean's second largest cruise level- the Freedom Class. Independence is part of this level, and you can expect the following and much more on your ship: 1) Rock Climbing 2) Inline Skating 3) Mini-Golfing 4) Basketball/Volleyball 5) 2 Freshwater Pools 6) Splash Pad 7) Flow Rider Surf Simulator 8) 5-6 Onboard Restaurants 9) Giant Poolside Movie Screen 10) Teen club + Kids Clubs 11) Arcade 12) Ice Skating 13) Shopping 14) Nightly Shows + Entertainment ... And so much more! Meal times are all depending on whenever you get hungry! The buffet is open daily from 6:00am-11:00pm, as well as the dining room is open for breakfast and dinner daily, as well as lunch periodically. I can guarantee that no matter what time of day you're hungry you will always have food available. Also- If you pay $40.00 either prior to your cruise online or on the first day, you can buy a Soda/Pop pass that is put onto your Seapass card. This enables you to have free non-alcoholic beverages all week long without having to pay-per-drink. However, if you are not a soda drinker and prefer water and juice, they come at no charge and a Pop Pass wouldn't be worth it. Sun loungers are completely free! If you are a Sun Goddess then what I would strongly recommend is waking up before 9:00am on Sea Days to get a nice seat on deck. Deck chairs are pretty well set up all over, but the best place is poolside! There's always poolside entertainment on Royal, whether it's the live calypso band and dance instructors, to the belly flop contests, or even live ice carvings! There are certain seats reserved for people staying in Grand Suites and above, but these are honestly very bad seats. They are near the Pool Bar which is nice, however you have to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the pools. The final thing I want to mention is that the best way to enjoy a cruise is whichever way makes you happiest. I can't really give you advice on what to do because there is so much to do and choose from! However, considering you are 16 I would highly encourage you to check out the Teen Club onboard. Friends for life are made there, and cruising with friends is so much fun! Bring a camera too, because the entertainment is world class! Hope I helped, have an wonderful cruise! Courtney xo

  • Allure of the seas help?

    1. Is allure fun for a 15 yrar old? 2.im going with my dad will he find friends couse i dont want him to be alone? 3. we are from puerto rico do we need passport to enter labadee

    I just cruised on the Oasis of the Seas which is identical with the Allure, except the shows are different. Yes the Allure will be lots of fun. 1. you dad will not be alone as there will be things for solo adult cruiser to to; he will meet plenty of nice people all over the ship. 2. No, you do not need passports as long as you are US citizens and leave from and return to the same US port. If you are NOT US citizens you will need passports. 3. There is plenty of free food all day long and evening, even free pizza on the promenade mall. You will not have to pay anything for food, unless you want to. 4. Yes you can have your dad ask the waiters to bring a cake to your table, Or, dad can order a cake from the gift menu and have it delivered to your cabin. 5. Yes it's safe to walk all over the ship; the ship has security personnel on board and cameras also that scam parts of the ship. 6. boarding started about noon and you need to be at the cruise port no later than 90 minutes before the ship departs. So if it is to sail at 5:00 PM you need to be there no later than 3:30 PM. 7. Ice skating, and rock climbing, and mini-golf, and zip line, and surfing simulator are all free. All of the ice skates and other equipment you'll need is also provided free. The only activity you pay for are video games. The Adventure Ocean area for kids has free Wii. 8. Breakfast starts at about &;00 Am and lasts until about 10:30AM. But you can order the free room service breakfast, go to the main dining room, or go to the Windjammer Marketplace buffet, all free. Lunch is any time you want to eat, dinner starts about 6:00 PM 9. Yes you can buy some thing in port and bring it back on ship, like chips, popcorn, nuts, even soft drinks, but no alcoholic beverages. But you will not need to buy any food on shore; there is more than you can eat for free on the ship. 10. The Spa/gym is for people age 16 and above but if you act like you know what you are doing you can go use the gym equipment. 11. The Adventure Ocean area is where you'll meet other teens and make friends; there will be others wanting to make friends and a staff person in Adventure Ocean will help you meet others.

  • Royal Caribbean International Help!?

    Hello all. My name is Kelsie and I am a 19 year old college student from California. I am organizing a cruise for myself and a couple close friends to go to the Caribbean in June

    1) If you're inexperienced in booking these kinds of trips, a travel agent is a great idea. There really is no con, unless you just get someone who isn't very good. I'd look for a bigger, established agency. Using an agent costs you nothing....they get a cut from the airlines and cruise lines. By the way, cruises vary a lot in price. I see nice 7 day cruises sometimes in the $350 per person range. You can easily pay $1000 for a 7 day cruise too. If money is important, stress to your travel agent what your requirements are. There are good deals to be found, and some lines tend to be less expensive than Royal Caribbean. 2) If you book far in advance, you put down a deposit to hold the cabin that usually runs about $200-300 per person. The balance is due around 75-90 days before you sail. Usually you can cancel the cruise without penalty before that time and get a full refund if you change your mind. 3) You'll pay for parking at the port (about $15-20 per day), a tip charge per person per day (about $10), and other add-ons such as shore excursions, photos, alcohol, and sodas. Some of these charges are avoidable....you can do your own thing on shore and avoid shore excursions if you want. Charges like parking and tips are going to get you no matter what. 4) Most things on a cruise ship are included in the price, excluding the stuff in #3. Food is a huge inclusive, and it's one of the things that can make cruises a good deal. 5) Insurance covers you if you get sick and cannot make the trip, or sometimes for other unpredictable events such as bad weather or missed flights. Personally, I don't buy the insurance as I don't have health issues and I usually drive to the port. At 19 years old, you probably won't have a health problem that prevents you from going, but it's up to you. Some people enjoy having that protection. If I were 80 and my wife and I were in poor health, it would seem like a much better deal. 6) Excursions vary a lot in price....I'd say they run from about $40 per person for things like city tours and glass boat rides, short simple trips. Extreme sports, swimming with dolphins, things like that run a lot more....as much as $100-150 per person. The cruise line can give you exact prices and options. 7) I would expect jet skiing to be more expensive on the cruise. You're paying for the jet ski, and the cruise line is getting a markup too. You might be able to find someone on the internet or in person in port who will do it for less than the cruise line. 8) Depends on you. I don't spend a lot of extra money on cruises because I don't drink a lot and most of their goodies don't tempt me. 5x7 photo? Eh. Food is mostly free. But, the cruise line will constantly put things in front of you to buy. If you're the kind of person who wants something from the souvenir shop, wants to try the upgraded restaurant, wants to gamble in the casino, etc, you could definitely spend a lot of money. Things like massages and spa services are pretty expensive on board cruise ships, too. 9) Most other activities will be free. There is no charge to ride the FlowRider, etc. Nightly shows are free. This is one of the nice things about cruising...there are lots of things to do that don't cost extra. The ocean views are also free. ;) 10) Southern / Eastern Caribbean are better than Western Caribbean, in my opinion, though I have absolutely no problem with a cruise to the W.C. The Bahamas and Jamaica would be my last options. Again, my opinion. A good travel agent can help you here. 11) If you have more specific questions later, feel free to message me. The Cruisecritic.com message boards are a great source of info about all things cruise related. Good luck and enjoy your first cruise! ======================= There is no such thing as a "duty free" tax. "Duty" means tax, so "duty free" means "tax free". Duty free shops are places where you can buy goods without paying tax. The ship will have a duty free shop onboard. They have excellent prices on things like alcohol, because they don't have to collect the taxes you would pay on land.

  • HELP!! How much money should I bring on my cruise in a week?!?!?

    So I'll give you a little background info (sorry if its kinda long). So I am 22 and going on my first cruise (Carnival Valor) to the Caribbean for a week. I am wondering how much

    If you are planning to pay cash or debit card for everything then you'll not need any more than about $200 additional over and above the $200 sign and sail pass deposit. When you pay your cruise fare all taxes and port charges are included in that fare. Once you get on the ship everything is cashless. Your cruise includes your cabin, all meals (including breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks and free room service), free admissions to all shows, disco, and entertainment, and free use of all facilities (except spa services) on ship like the pools, hot tubs, gym, and recreation activities, except you do have to pay if you want to use the golf simulator, and to play video games. Your main expense after you pay the initial deposit will be the gratuities at the end of the cruise. They will amount to $10 per person in your cabin per day. So you will need $70 to cover gratuities; that much will be deducted from your deposit. These gratuities cover your cabin steward, your waiter and assistant waiter, and MatreD in the main dining room. Those are the only person you are required/requested to tip at the end of the cruise; these should be considered pretty much mandatory although you can ask the purser to adjust them if you have a problem with any service received from these persons. Coffee, tea, milk, juice, and lemonade and punch will be provided FREE but you must pay for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages and they will add a 15 percent gratuity to each alcoholic drink and soft drink order. Drinks of cruise ships are generally in the range of $7 to $9. There will usually be a daily special for about $5.00. If you are going tubing and you book and pay for that before your cruise then all you'll need is a few dollars for tipping. Unless you are going to buy some big ticket items like jewelry and clothing you'll only need about $20 to $40 to buy souvenirs in Mexico. My suggestion is to get a lot of $1 and $5 dollar bills so you can barter in Mexico and then pull out exact change. You'll need about $1 to $2 per bag for checked luggage to tip the porters at the ship. The debit visa is a good idea because if there is a problem with it lost or stolen you'll not have to worry about loss of any money other than what's on the card

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