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VEGA Conflict

Release Date: March 20, 2013


  • Vega Conflict: Conquer the void game trailer - Android PC

    - Independent games channel - When Blood Amber was discovered in a nearby planetary system, The...

  • VEGA Conflict Let's Play - How to Auto Attack L30 V-Sec fleets

    Fear shows you one method of hitting low V-Sec fleets if you have Venoms and a tank, this will work for you. Plus showing other...

  • Vega Conflict

    Youre First Independant view of Kixeyes new game Vega Conflict. Be sure to like and subscribe. Thanks.

  • Donaghy [CORE] VEGA Conflict How to do VEGA Cargo 50 Elites no damage

    ... UPDATE: patch 12th December 2013. Kixeye have introduced a...

  • VEGA Conflict: Deception

    Nothings as it seems. Deception is underway - .

  • VEGA Conflict: Zorro lvl 50 VSec Overwatch no damage

    Happy hunting Mag 3 Rear 5 Glad 2 Rapture.

  • VEGA Conflict Talk Live 134 - V-Sec Invasion Eminent (Event)

    This week we will be covering the V-sec event and anything we learn about the regular event scheduled for December. Join the...

  • Vega Conflict 101 ways to die at a base # 2 extended ICU and DIE edition

    ICU And DIE Visits in 2409 , Thank You for all the Base Tests , do come in for more :

  • VEGA Conflict: Riot

    ICU And DIE Visits in 2409 , Thank You for all the Base Tests , do come in for more :

  • VEGA Conflict (Android Gameplay)

    Lets Play of VEGA Conflict for Android VEGA Conflict is a free to play Android game with numerous in app purchases. Google...

  • VEGA Conflict - Fury Battleship with Anti-matter Warhead V

    Fun battle. I didnt make this video to satirically jeer anyone. Ive been wondering around for 20 minutes, bored, with that fleet...

  • Vega conflict level 55 farming fleet (30 min repair) 3min to kill

    This is the way that i farm level 55 cargo fleets. Setup: Venom: Phased 5 Strafe 5 Deflector 4 Iridium 1 and 2 Rev 4x lvl 5 Tritanium...

  • Vega Conflict - Glad NH level 35 defeat V-Sec level 40 - Build and Method

    We all want those flashy new blueprints from the V-Sec fleets. Ive watched people using all manner of Cruisers and Battleship...

  • VEGA Conflict - How To Get Resources Faster (Low Level)

    See the latest way to farm with Talons: This setup still works, but needs...

  • VEGA Conflict: Basic Base Defense

    Dont forget to guard your base while youre out exploring foreign planets Here are a few tips to get your base defenses up and...

  • VEGA Conflict Talk Live 119 - Past, Present, Future

    Follow Battle Vortex TV: BVTV Home: Google Plus: Facebook:...

  • Vega Conflict Insta Rep 35 Auto, Lowest tech build!

    This video shows the fleet in action against a lvl 35 vega on auto, followed by the insta rep as proof few video show this as they...

  • VEGA Conflict - Building a Cargo Pirate Fleet

    Earph shows you how to build and use a level 18 Cargo Pirate fleet to steal from your friends and neighbors. See more VEGA...

  • Vega Conflict lvl 45 VSec Fleets with old 50 Vega Fleet 2-3% Damage

    Im sure this could be improved on but its a work in progress and means no change to you old Lvl 50 Vega Farmer.


    VEGA Conflict TRAINER v1.1 DOWNLOAD : .

Questions & Answers

  • Question: Sony Vegas & Mediafire conflict?

    So uhm..... I'm hosting a collab on Youtube and.... When I seperated the song clips of it, I tried to upload it to mediafire like this ->

    download nch wave pad editor and use the trial. Upload the song to wavepad editor and press save as. then at the bottom the save as page, select file type and press .mp3 http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html

  • Fallout new vegas sucked.?

    Omg fallout new vegas sucked compared to f3 in my opinion first off theres not very much radiation in the game which is the hole point in the fallout series no to mention the lag the

    New Vegas had alot of key members of the old Fallout games on the development team. That automatically gives it more merit to the Fallout franchise than it did for 3. Fallout 3 was good, but had a bad case of "Bethesdaitis". Anything that company touches is doomed to be exactly like Morrowind. While the formula is good, it shows how limited Bethesda is in their developments. Fallout 3 did not feel like a Fallout game to me, I didn't like the environments and the "FPS" aspect of it felt tacked on and unnecessary, and the overall story didn't match the conflicts of the old games. Fallout NV isn't all that different from 3. I wish that Fallout 3 never existed and New Vegas was released in it's place. From the standpoint of the older games, I feel that NV would've made an incredibly worthy title to carry on the torch. Unfortunately it comes after Fallout 3 and people are left arguing over which one makes a better successor.

  • Flexible transport from LAX to Las Vegas?

    My boyfriend and I will be taking a trip to the states in august. We will be spending 3 nights in Anaheim to do the Disneyland thing but sort of last minute decided we'd like to

    Spirit airlines out of LAX to Las Vegas is about $78 round trip for 2 people. I know this because I was recently looking for cheap flights out of Orange County to Vegas. Spirit doesn't fly out of Orange County, but might be worth driving to LAX. They charge for checking baggage, and any carry on that doesn't fit under the seat...but for a one day trip to Vegas, Spirit seems pretty good. I have heard some conflicting reviews about the quality of their service, and such...but for $78 round trip, you can't really go wrong. That's cheaper than driving.

  • What do you think of Las Vegas?

    I lived in Vegas for almost my entire life and the kids here growing up always hated it. I know tourists have a different opion about it. However, I just wanted to know what

    I lived in Las Vegas from the ages of ten to eighteen. I pretty much hated it there. For personal, familial-conflict, e.t.c, and also because of the place itself. The climate is awful, with the scorching deadly summers and cold winters( cold for me anyway, we moved from So.Cal) The general attitude and purpose of the city is that of vapid consumptive greed, and bacchanalian excess. This now neo-neon landscaped and fountain-ed brightly lit tourist trap surrounded by some of the most stereotypically suburban of all the suburbs that i have yet encountered. The Locals are mean and self involved and the tourists are worse. Everything is fake, from the ubiquitous stucco facades to the iridescent self tanning lotion applying fake boobs and bleach blond women and their spikey haired, gym toned, collar popping, drink spiking boyfriends. You need a car to get the most out of living there and living there is, on the whole, not ecologically responsible for many reasons. After I left I moved around alot but came back a few times a year to visit my family. Sometimes it can be a fun and exciting place to go especially if you stay off the strip and check out the surrounding area, With the obvious exemption of the cookie cutter tract homes and their awful strip malls. But generally, i wish my family lived elsewhere.

  • Can someone explain to me the storyline of Rainbow Six Vegas 2?

    I can't understand how the missions are related from the radio conversations the characters have.

    If you've played Vegas 1, it's easier to follow. Basically, you start out 5 years before the first one begins, where you're taking Logan, the main character from the original Vegas, and Nowak, a major antagonist from the original Vegas on a trial mission in France to rescue some hostages, which has mixed success because Nowak proves he's a moron when it comes to following orders. Nowak then contracts some Mexican smugglers (Alvarez and his brother), Irena Morales (the girl in the first one) and some mercenaries to stage the entire Vegas conflict in order to lure the Rainbow agents into danger and kill them off. He kills off Kan from the first Vegas, and then Echo Team and Sharron from the second one. After Rainbow finds out that he's a mole, Bishop, Jung, Michael, Logan and two unnamed Rainbow agents pursue Nowak to Costa Rica, and after a stupid mouth-off of words, Bishop kills Nowak, and is promoted to Deputy Director, the 2nd in command of Rainbow Six. A sequel in the Vegas line is unlikely since it seems to be all wrapped up, but another Rainbow Six is more than likely to come out in about a year and a half that might involve the information that Nowak sold to terrorists regarding the Rainbow's agents' families and secure information, or have something to do with Tom Clancy's End War.

  • Sony Vegas Platinum 8 with Sony Vixia HG21?

    I understand that without a converter, avchd cannot be accessed by windows, but I am able to see the video and move it around in Vegas through the stream folder on my camera.

    There are conflicting problems with users of Vegas Platinum 8 being able to work with MTS files. I saw this on a website: "We currently do not support the Canon AVCHD at this time"...Sony Creative Software. You should use the program that came with the camera, it's called PIXELA Image Mixer. Use it to copy your videos to your computer in a folder on your hard drive. You can choose a path or use the default path. Then import them into Sony Vegas Platinum 8 to do your edits, etc. If there is a problem still, convert the videos first. Some free at the link below:

  • Transgender friendly doctor or endocrinologist in Las Vegas, NV?

    Hello, I am 17 year old MTF seeking to start HRT. I have already completed therapy and received my letter to start HRT, however, do not yet have a doctor to administer said treatment.

    The following is a list of every Endocrinologist in Las Vegas, NV. . . Dr. Lubna Ahmad Endocrinologist 7010 Smoke Ranch Rd Las Vegas, NV 89128 Dr. Kenneth Izuora Endocrinologist 1707 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102 Dr. Ambika Rao Endocrinologist 1707 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102 Dr. Russel Barakat Endocrinologist 3201 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89109 Dr. Chakravarthy Kannan Endocrinologist 2300 W Charleston Las Vegas, NV 89102 Dr. James Snyder Endocrinologist 6040 S Fort Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV 89148 Dr. Brian Berelowitz Endocrinologist 653 N Town Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89144 Dr. Serena Klugh Endocrinologist 6040 S Fort Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV 89148 Dr. Prentice Thompson Endocrinologist 500 S Rancho Dr Las Vegas, NV 89106 Dr. Barry Gould Endocrinologist 2704 N Tenaya Way Las Vegas, NV 89128 Dr. Gerardo Lorenzana Endocrinologist 3900 Cambridge St Las Vegas, NV 89119 Dr. Fred Toffel Endocrinologist 2700 E Sunset Rd Las Vegas, NV 89120 Dr. E B Guven Endocrinologist 4475 S Eastern Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119 Dr. Samer Nakhle Endocrinologist 6040 S Fort Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV 89148 Dr. Paul Tomasic Endocrinologist 2300 W Charleston Las Vegas, NV 89102 Dr. Carlos Hernandez-Cassis Endocrinologist 3880 S Jones Blvd Va Southern Nevada Healthcare System Las Vegas, NV 89103 Dr. Maria Nwokike Endocrinologist 6850 N Durango Dr Las Vegas, NV 89149 Dr. Milton Wong Endocrinologist 8925 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117 Dr. Firhaad Ismail Endocrinologist 2470 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89121 Dr. Avi Ostrowsky Endocrinologist 3150 N Tenaya Way Las Vegas, NV 89128 Dr. Charmaine Yap Endocrinologist 3880 S Jones Blvd Va Southern Nevada Healthcare System Las Vegas, NV 89103

  • Going to Vegas week before Halloween. What to expect? Halloween festive?

    I'm going to Vegas the week before halloween. I was planning on going around Halloween, but the dates conflicted with plans and the airfare was more expensive. What should I

    YES there will be Halloween things going on in Las Vegas. No, the resorts will NOT be doing Halloween Themes throughout the properties...but the "party venues" certainly will...and you'll see "Fall decorations" all around town...though NOT Halloween 'specifcally' themed stuff. I'm not certain how early you'll be here, but...There will even be some parties starting before the weekend prior...it's Vegas...we find ANY reason to have a good time...and Halloween is a Party/Freak/Fantasy person's dream come true! Note: While in the 'casino areas' you may be required to remove any masks...but once at the clubs, you'll be fine!

  • Las Vegas shuttles or taxis - are they reliable?

    I have read on several travel websites conflicting stories about shuttle buses in Vegas. We're going in May and I would really rather not rent a car again. Has anyone taken a

    Hi...I do the shuttle thing all the time.....I prefer it. You pay a set fee and it is cheap (like $9 round trip to the strip)(as in both ways). With taxis you pay based on the mileage they drive. And unless you know, they try to scam and take the long way every time!!!! I never rent a car in Vegas. I use the shuttle to get to and from airport and I ride the Deuce double decker busses that get me up and down the strip and to downtown. $5 for a 24 hr pass on there or $2 each ride. Very cheap and lots of tourists use it......

  • Spring Break Las Vegas?

    I am goin to Las Vegas 3/13 to 3/17 and was wondering if you've ever done spring break in Vegas or if you plan to this year. Are there alot of college aged people? I'll be

    For las vegas events here a list what's going on....... March 12-13 Jay Leno - Mirage Hotel March 12-13 Matt Goss - Caesars Palace March 13 St. Patrick's Festival featuring Everlast - Mandalay Bay March 13 Moscow State Radio Symphony Orchestra - Artemus Ham Concert Hall March 13 - Zac Brown Band - Hard Rock Hotel, March 13 Teena Marie With Mary Jane Girls - Las Vegas Hilton March 13 Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox - Cashman Field March 13-14 Dennis DeYoung The Music of Styx - Orleans Hotel March 13-14 Clint Holmes - Suncoast Hotel March 14 Young Dubliners - Hard Rock Hotel March 15 Andrew Dice Clay - Las Vegas Hilton March 17 Aeromyth - Las Vegas Hilton March 17-22 Andrew Dice Clay - Las Vegas Hilton And for the nightclubs March 13 Hines Ward Celebrity Birthday Bash - Prive Nightclub March 13 Common Special Performs Live - Haze Nightclub March 13 DJ Clue Hosts- Jet Nightclub March 13 Erick Morillo International Superstar DJ - Tao Nightclub March 13 Everlast Official After Party - Foundation Room March 14 Bikini Body Trip Giveaway - Vanity Nightclub March 15 Bare Pool and Lounge Season Opening - Mirage Hotel March 16 Joel Madden Guest DJ Set - Moon Nightclub March 17 Conflict of Interest Performs Live - Diablo's Cantina March 17 St. Pattys Day Celebration - Ghostbar

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