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Vampires vs. Zombies

Release Date: September 7, 2012


  • Deadliest Warrior Season 3 - Vampires vs Zombies

  • Vampires VS Zombies - GAMEPLAY

    Vampires VS Zombies - GAMEPLAY.

  • Vampires vs Zombies (2004) (Trailer)

    Trailer for the 2004 horror film Vampires vs. Zombies Also known as Carmilla: The Lesbian Vampire.

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    2013 Vampires Vs Zombies - Gameplay - PCHD -------- Control vampire forces to fight back a zombie invasion in Vampires vs.


    A vampire and Zombie battle it out over a meal but then a psychopath comes in the fight to the death Created by INFUSED...

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    Who would win in a fight

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Vampires vs. Zombies is an independent horror film loosely based upon J. Sheridan Le Fanu's classic 1872 novel Carmilla. Unlike Le Fanu's story, however, most of the action in the film takes place inside a car. The title and the cover were obviously inspired by the horror film Freddy vs. Jason, it's unclear if it was intended as a mockbuster of that film or notitation needed]

The movie was originally titled Vampires vs. Zombies, but it has since then been changed to Carmilla, the Lesbian Vampire. Vince D'Amato is the director and screenwriter of this film. In the UK it is rated 18; in the U.S. it is rated 'R' for horror violence and gore, sexuality/nudity and language.

The movie begins with a scene showing a sleeping girl being menaced by a female vampire in her bedroom. The dream is abandoned when the sleeping girl wakes up screaming in the front seat of her father's forest green Jeep Cherokee. She then tells her father that she has had "the same dream again".

Questions & Answers

  • Vampires Vs. Zombies ?

    2 Questions: Which apocalypse would be worst if they were to happen? And who would win in a war between them?

    Zombies would be worse. Not only do zombies never need to sleep, they're rotting, so they stink. C'mon, you ever hear of a stinky vampire? As for a war between the two? Depends...Anne Rice's vampires would kick some zombie butt, since they can start fires with their minds and whatnot. Traditional vampires wouldn't stand a chance against zombies, though-not fast enough, and that whole passing out at sunrise thing would be a very bad weakness with hoards of undead flesh-eaters running amok.

  • Vampires vs. zombies?

    Just some fun questions to think about... Hypothetically...would a vampire that exhibits all of the typical qualities normally associated with the type found in European folklore

    zombies and vampires are both undead, but they are very different kinds of undead.. zombies continue to rot like a corpse normally would after death.. zombies are generally mindless and are obsessed with eating brains of the living.. vampires, on the other hand, are usually beautiful and do not rot like zombies do.. vampires are also very intelligent instead of being mindless like zombies.. a vampire could not be turned into a zombie and a zombie could not be turned into a vampire.. a zombie would be immune to a vampire's hypnotic stare (although not all vampires have that ability) because to be hypnotized, one must have a conscious mind..

  • Vampire vs Zombies??

    I would rather have zombies chase me

    well considering the world is patiently awaiting a zombie apocalypse and vampires are fictional rockers and tween heartthrobs made up by authors, i would say zombies, because at least that one you can prepare for. you can never prepare for your heart being ripped to shreds when edward's being an idiot.

  • Vampires vs. Zombies?

    So they are both uber strong right? Well What do you really think? Would a zombie win, or would the vampire? They should really make a movie about, it is the best 2

    vampires would SO win... reasoning: vampires have smart, fast thinking minds... they've lived LIFETIMES to aquire MORE knowledge... zombies are re-animated corpses that are fueled by the memory of needing to eat... even tho they may not really feel hunger, it's an instinct... i love questions like this!! :)

  • In a battle of Vampire Vs. Zombie, who wins?

    I love vampires and my boyfriend loves zombies. He says that zombies have the better advatage and would get the best of a vampire in a battle. I say that a vampire would be able to

    Theoretically speaking of course. *Strength - Vampires are supposed to be supernaturally strong, while a zombie is only as strong as he was in life. *Physical - Vampires may rapidly age when deprived of blood for a time, but are not subject to decay while a zombie is decaying and will eventually fall apart. *Mental - a vampire retains his intellect, while a zombie is at best on the level of mental retardation. *Speed - vampires can move at supernatural speed, while a zombie can only move as fast as he could in life, and even then will get slower and slower as time and decay set in. *Abilities - a vampire, according to legend, has at his disposal various powers such as shapechanging, levitation, the ability to see in the dark, as well as the aforementioned speed and strength. A zombie has no powers, and is only a walking corpse. *Reproduction - a vampire supposedly has to choose to create more like him, usually by draining his victim and then feeding him some of the blood from the vampire's body, while the zombie reproduces every time it wounds someone, thereby infecting them, and they die. *Weaknesses - Lethal to both monsters is fire and overwhelming physical trauma, such as having a boulder dropped on them or being chewed apart by a Gatling gun. Vampires can be repelled by a strongly presented cross or symbol of faith, seem to be "allergic" to garlic, are held immobile by a wooden stake of ash ,oak, or yew driven through their heart, can be destroyed by decapitation or by sunlight. Other restrictions to a vampire's power exist, varying by legend. Silver is usually not associated with vampires, but is the bane of werewolves. Zombies on the other hand, will eventually decay and fall apart, but can be destroyed by fire, by decapitation, or by physical trauma to the brain, such as a gunshot to the head. *Versus - a vampire enjoys numerous advantages over the zombie, but aside from all supernatural enhancements the most significant is his intelligence. There is nothing that prevents the vampire from running past at superspeed and decapitating the zombie with his claws the same way the head vampire in John Carpenter's Vampires sliced the hunter in two near the beginning of the movie, but he could just as easily pick up a gun and start shooting or start tossing Molotov cocktails. Being dead already the vampire is completely immune to the zombie infection and can supernaturally heal any damage incurred. *Winner - definitely the vampire, every single time. Even against a horde of zombies he will just start picking them off in small groups until, inevitably, there will be none left.

  • Vampire vs Werewolf vs Zombies?

    Ok so the match up is 1 30 days of night vampire, 1 underworld werewolf, and 63 dawn of the dead zombies. The fight takes place in a graveyard (assuming that all zombies have already

    the zombies would have a clear advantage over werewolves. They eat living flesh so any attempt by the werewolves would result in them being eaten. Since the zombies are already dead they have little to fear from the vampires, even if the vampire bites them or rips off a limb they will still come after him However the vampires are much faster giving them the advantage in a fight. In these scenarios the werewolf is the odd creature out. I will go with the zombies only because of their numbers and the fact that even a partial zombie will still attack

  • What were the results for the vampires vs zombies Deadliest Warrior episode?

    Vampires pwnd the zombies! lol. But the real question is, did the vampires really win? After the last vampire killed the last zombie, they showed the zombie virus taking over th vampire! Turning him into.... a zombiepire! So technically, the last person standing was a zombie. Think about that! (I was rooting for vampires tho :) )

  • Survey: Girls and Boys, Vampires vs Zombies?

    Zombies hands down.

    If you mean lame Twilight vampires, then zombies win. If you mean bad-@ss REAL vampires like Alucard, then vampires win. This is Alucard: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_kBw_SL-yzDc/SUkY7PwKZGI/AAAAAAAAAC8/N5CDxdboapA/S1600-R/alucard1024x2bn4.png

  • Vampires vs zombies. who wins?

    Vampires. They seem to be more lucid than zombies and they blatantly have faster reflexes and more strength/speed. Would a vampire turn zombie if a zombie bit said vamp?

  • Zombies vs Vampires ?

    Who wud win ?

    While most people just say zombies or vampires, I would begin by considering their strengths and weaknesses. Zombies: Strengths: Their numbers greatly outnumber those of the vampires. Their infectivity seems to be, perhaps, 99% and is easily spread by bites, wounds, and even air, water, and food. They're also extremely durable, being able to take gunshots to their torso, survive without blood loss since their blood is coagulated, live without food, water, or air for an indeterminate amount of time, survive in relatively extreme temperatures, experience limited fear, have very powerful jaws and arms, and early stages of infection show limited intelligence and running skills. They also seem to be only killed by decapitation (but the head can survive on its own, albeit unable to move) or by destroying the nervous system to inhibit movement. Again, most of all, their numbers greatly exceed the vampires. Weaknesses: Their speed. Once their brain deteriorates, their motor functions greatly decrease and they ramble around. They are unable to create a coordinated attack and zombies that live for a decade or more become useless. Vampires: Strengths: They are just like humans, capable of very complex thinking, but they have superstrength, superspeed, night vision, superagility, sharp talons and teeth, and some can fly. They can use weapons, create intricate battle plans, understand the enemy, and coordinate a civilization. They also seem to have rapid healing, able to take conventional attacks that would be lethal to humans such as blunt force trauma or slices to the body. They can also use weapons and are experts at stealth attacks. Some can also transform into bats, therefore zombies wouldn't attack them. Weaknesses: Their numbers are very low, as suggested by their infection rate to be less than a percent. When bitten by a vampire, the victim usually dies and only compatible genetics can create a vampire. It seems as if creating offspring is a slow and usually unsuccessful process, although science seems to remedy that. They require blood to survive indefinitely, so the more zombies made, the less supply they have. Furthermore, they seem to be very weak to holy water, fire, sunlight, and silver bullets, but thankfully zombies can't understand to use holy water, UV light, silver bullets, and fire. Of course, these qualities are all based on my personal thoughts. In the end, as much as I prefer vampires, zombies would win due to sheer numbers, the inability to die naturally, and brute force. This battle is synonymous to the Battle of Thermopylae, except imagine the Persian force to be in the billions range. Despite their technological advantage, vampires would be killed sooner or later due to their lack of blood supply and offspring unless they can develop a self-sustainable world to live in underground. I imagine they could, but since this is a fight to extinction, the vampires would lose. Unless they live long enough in isolation to create superweapons that can obliterate the rest of the world.

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