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Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 takes place a few years after the original. Several new upstart gangs have been able to sweep in and make their mark on Stilwater. At the same time, a multi-national conglomerate known as the Ultor Corporation has become a pivotal player in city politics, pumping millions of dollars into rebuilding the metropolis. As leader of the Saints, you'll have to do whatever it takes to protect the members of your gang from new enemies, including the Ultor Corporation and rival gangs. This Greatest Hits Edition of Saints Row 2 delivers this blockbuster game at a lower price and also grants you early access to the Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station.

Release Date: October 14, 2008

Developer: Volition


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Saints Row 2 is a 2008 open world action-adventure video game developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ. It was released in October 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and ported to Microsoft Windows by CD Projekt in early 2009. A mobile tie-in version was developed by G5 Entertainment and released the same month. The game is the second title and first cross-platform release in the Saints Row series, following 2006's Saints Row. It is succeeded by 2011's Saints Row: The Third and 2013's Saints Row IV.

Set in the fictional city of Stilwater ten years after the events of Saints Row, players control the same protagonist and lead a new order of Third Street Saints gang against the three rival gangs occupying their turf and the corrupt Ultor Corporation conglomerate. Players navigate the open world and unlock missions by spending Respect, a currency earned by completing numerous off-mission activities. Before the multiplayer mode was deactivated, two players could cooperatively progress through the game and compete in 12-player deathmatches.

The developers opted for hyperrealism to set the game apart from Grand Theft Auto, a series featuring common gameplay elements. The game's promotional effort included various public showings, special editions and downloadable content including the Ultor Exposed and Corporate Warfare mission packages. Initial reviews were largely favorable, praising the action and hyper-realism, while criticizing technical issues. Reviewers were less receptive to the Windows port, citing worse technical issues. The game had sold around 400,000 units by November 2008, and at least 3.4 million units by September 2010.

Questions & Answers

  • GTA IV or Saint's Row 2?

    Which one is best for the 360?

    i'd say gta iv is best of course. but saints row 2 is way way more fun than gta iv. i'd say get saints row 2 if you havent played gta iv yet. but if you have played gta iv then saints row 2 wont be that enjoyable. cause if you played gta iv & you buy saints row 2, it wont be fun cause you already seen a better graphics game, better engine, better gameplay etc etc. but if you haven't played gta iv then get saints row 2 first cause you dont noe what gta iv is like & then saints row 2 wont bother you as much as if you already played gta iv. cause you wont care about the graphics cause you havent seen a better free roam game.......yet. saints row 2 is more fun than gta iv & theres way way way more things to do, the customization rocks!!! how you customize your car is almost like NFS games, but the story sucks in saints row 2, & the activities are kinda fun but i personally didnt like most of the activities. gta iv story sucks personally for me, you are just basically a hitman for the entire game except for like 5 or 6 missions. its your choice man, but if i were you & i didnt play gta iv yet i would get saints row 2. But only if you dont care about graphics, gameplay, physics etc & it doesnt bother you at all then buy whichever one you want. But i love gta games much more than saints row 2, much more than anything actually. my favorite game is gta san andreas & always will be! even though i've seen better games in terms of graphics, i still love gta san andreas even though i got ps3 too. but its your choice man, you decide. think it over, look at youtube videos, check out how gta iv is & how saints row 2 is..... good luck man.

  • GTA IV vs Saints Row 2?

    wat do u guys think will be better, gta4 or SR2?. i think SR2, cuz gta 4 is the biggest letdown ever. i wanted to play gta on a nextgen system, and, it ends up to suck balls. so im

    Saints Row 2 is gonna be better than GTA4. The only thing that i liked about GTA4 was the story and the graphics were alright. I played a couple of rounds of the multiplayer and i couldn't get into it. Saints Row has a ton more stuff to do. All the activities that you can do besides the main missions. Also its multiplayer was pretty good. I'm sure they improved it a lot for this game so I can't wait. I'm still playing the first Saints Row and I got it pretty much when it came out. Its gonna have better gameplay, game modes, controls, multiplayer, etc. Saints Row 2!!! Can't wait.

  • Is saints row 2 better than GTA IV?

    Is saints row 2 better than GTA IV?

    At first I thought so, because there was a certain mission I couldnt pass on GTA IV for the longest (Street Sweeper, lol!), but now that I have passed that mission, the game seems to be more of a breeze for me. Still, Saints Row 2 is a lot better in that there are checkpoints in the missions. in GTA you have to start all over if you die or fail, no matter if you're close to the end or not. Also, the police are a lot easier to get rid of in saints row 2 than GTA IV. The police are more brutal in GTA especially when you get up to higher wanted levels, but the Saints Row 2 police there seems to be a sh-it ton more when you get up to 4 and 5 star notoriety, ESPECIALLY if you are in the Saints Row District, where there are Ultor Cops and Stilwater Cops after you. But I respect both games equally, love them both, even though Saints Row 2 is easier..

  • Saints row 2......................?

    can anyone give me some saints row 2 cheats i have most of them but is there any cheats for beating all the activities and missions some of them are to hard to beat can u help plz?

    Dial the Phone Numbers in the phone book. Password Effect #1 Full Health #2 Car Mass Increased #3 Milk Bones #4 Add Police Notoriety #5 Player Pratfalls #6 Unlimited Sprint #7 Super Explosions #8 Super Saints #9 Unlimited Clip #11 Unlimited Ammo #12 Heaven Bound #15 Drunk Pedestrians #16 Evil Cars #18 Low Gravity #19 Pedestrian Wars #20 Raining Pedestrians #35 Add Gang Notoriety #36 Never Die #50 No Cop Notoriety #51 No Gang Notoriety #666 Lighting Strikes #sunny Clear Sky #cashmoneyz $1000 #200 Giant #201 Itty Bitty #202 Everybody is Shrunk #711 Get Horizon #712 Get Snipes 57 #713 Get Tornado #714 Get Wolverine #920 12 Gauge #921 .44 Cal #922 AR-200 #923 AR-50 #924 AR-50 with Grenade launcher #925 AS14 Hammer #926 Baseball Bat #927 Chainsaw #928 Fire Extinguisher #929 Flame Thrower #930 Flashbang #931 GAL 43 #932 GDHC #933 Grenade #934 Kobra #935 KC #936 Knife #937 Machete #938 McManus 2010 #939 Mini-Gun #940 Moltov #941 Nightstick #942 NR4 #943 Pepper Spray #944 Pimpcane #945 Pipe Bomb #946 RPG #947 Annihilator RPG #948 Samurai Sword #949 Satchel Charge #950 Shock Paddles #951 SKR-9 #952 Sledge Hammer #953 Stun Gun #954 TK3 #955 Crowbar #956 Tombstone #957 Vice 9 #958 XS-2 Ultimax #969 Pimp Slap #728237 Unlock D-STROY UFO #7266837 Unlock Peewee Mini Bike #4976 Gyro Daddy added to Garage #1056 Repair Vehicle #1042 Gives a Atlasbreaker #78669 Clear Skies #801 Gives Kaneda (custom racing bike) #829 Gives Skipper (Personal Yacht) #78665 Overcast #829 Yacht #1071 Adds Shaft to your garage #1074 Taxi 5553597 Airport 8198415 Big Willy's Cab 5554233 Bling Bling 5553765 Brown Baggers 5552626 Cocks 5554976 Company of Gyros 5552453 Cycles 0180174 EagleLine Yellow 911 Emergency 5555966 Eye for an Eye 5552046 Foreign Power 5554448 Forgive and Forget 5556328 Freckle *****'s 5554867 Friendly Fire 5553473 Fire Department 5557577 Giftshop 5556677 HazMat 5558459 Image as Designed 5553248 Impression 5552662 Leather and Lace 5559467 Legal Lee's 5555926 On The Rag 5552564 On Thin Ice 5557973 Police 5557467 Pimps 'R Us 5553493 Rim Jobs 5558287 Rusty's Needle 5557447 Ship It 5552283 Spelunkers 4876837 Suicide Hotline 5559866 Tee'N'Ay 4558008 TNA Taxis 411 Ultor Security #1041 Anchor (News Van) #1043 Attrazione (Lamborghini) #1045 Backhoe (Tractor #1) #1046 Bag Boy (Airport Luggage Carrier) #1047 Baron (Beetle-like Car) #1048 Bear (SWAT APC w/Mounted .50 Caliber Rifle) #1049 Bootlegger (El Camino) #1050 Bulldog (Hummer) #1051 Bulldozer (Tractor #2) #1052 Compton (Chevy Impala) #1053 Eiswolf (Lexus GS-400) #1054 FBI (FBI SUV) #1055 FIVE-0 (Police Car) #1056 Hollywood (Chevy Bel-Air) #1051 Justice (Luxury Sedan) #802 Kenshin (Motorcycle) #1059 Kent (Combine Harvester) #1060 Mag (4-door Pickup Truck) #826 Miami (Speedboat) #1061 Mixmaster (Cement Truck) #1062 Mongoose (Go-Cart) #1063 O-Ring (Weird Freckle *****'s Truck) #1064 Pheonix (Pontiac Firebird) #1065 Quasar (Rare Mid-sized SUV) #1066 Quota (Meter Maid Transport) #1067 Rampage (Demolition Derby Car) #1068 Raycaster (Car w/360 Degree Opening Doors) #1069 Reaper (Hearse) #1070 Septic Avenger (Sewage Truck w/Sewage Spray) #1071 Shafter (Tow-Truck) #828 Shark (Jetty) #1072 Stilwater Municipal (Garbage Truck) #1074 Taxi #1075 The Job (Stretch Hummer) #1076 Titan (Armored Car) (Destroy it for cash) #1077 Tornado (Ultor Security Attack Chopper) #1079 Venom Classic (Very Fast Convertible) #1080 Vortex (Lotus Elise) #806 Widowmaker (Moped) #1081 Zenith (Aston Martin DB9)

  • Saints Row 2 on Xbox 360?

    How is Saints Row 2 on 360?

    Audio- 90 Great cast performance from the vast majority of voice-overs that really breathes life into their characters. With plenty of diverse genres covered musically as well via the radio stations, it all makes Saints Row 2 an audio experience. Visuals- 75 Anti-aliasing issues, plenty of pop up, graphical glitches galore and a draw distance that leaves a lot to be desired. A bit touched up from the original, but not enough in all honesty. Playability- 85 Plenty of variety in activities that are all fun and quirky in their own right but after a while tend to grind. The combat and driving gameplay mechanics are not only easy to control but a pleasure on the whole, however, at times the bugs will have you pulling teeth out. Delivery- 85 Same city with a very similar feel and not enough has changed; a few islands here, a few new buildings there. A distinct case of déjà-vu cripples the game in some respects but other than that, enabling the story as a co-op adventure nets the game some serious points, as does its memorable story. Achievements- 50 Too much like the original and that wasn’t necessarily a good list. You’ll be collecting and doing the hundreds of tasks beyond the fun line to get most of the points. Then there are the online multiplayer achievements in an area that really doesn’t warrant them. Credit to Volition for the secret "Soprano" achievement. ******* Summary******** The single player story is absolutely engaging in Saints Row 2, with a great cast to boot. It’s great to know that a good story with a soul can make the same old city a lot more entertaining. The online co-op will attract a lot of attention and rightly so, but the multiplayer mode doesn’t really have much substance. Like I say, sandbox games are all about the single player experience and THQ and Volition are right on the money here. Overall- 85 impressive

  • What is the best cheat for saints row 2?

    i am really bored and i wanna kno a really fun or cool cheat for saints row 2 plz give me the number 2 the cheat

    Saints Row 2 FAQ's Saints Row 2 Guide Submitted by Tjofanan Jan 13, 2009 Saints Row 2 Cheats Unlockable Weapons Annihilator RPG - Successfully complete Mayhem, Level 6 in Nuclear Power Plant. AR-50 XMAC Special (with grenade launcher) - Successfully complete all Combat Tricks. Chainsaw - Successfully complete Crowd Control, Level 6 in Hotel and Marina. Flamethrower - Successfully complete Mayhem, Level 3 in Nuclear Power Plant. GAL 43 - Successfully complete Snatch, Level 3 in Downtown. Grenades at crib - Successfully complete one Hitman list. Kobra pistol - Successfully complete Fuzz, Level 3 in Projects. Minigun - Successfully complete Brotherhood, Mission 10. Pepper spray - Successfully complete Crowd Control, Level 3 in Hotel and Marina. Pimpcane - Successfully complete Epilogue, Mission 2. Satchel Charges at crib - Successfully complete three Hitman lists. Shock paddles - Successfully complete all Ambulance missions. X2 Ultimax shotgun - Successfully complete Drug Trafficking, Level 3 in Airport. Infinite pistol ammo - Successfully complete Fuzz, Level 6 in Projects. Infinite rifle ammo - Successfully complete all Hitman lists. Infinite shotgun ammo - Successfully complete Drug Trafficking, Level 6 in Airport. Infinite SMG ammo - Successfully complete S Submitted By: The cheater, Bryan Player Ability Phone Cheats Entry Location: Pause the game, then access the cell phone. Select "Dial," then enter one of the following numbers, including the # symbol, and choose "Call." If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Then go to "Cheats," and select the now unlocked option. Full Health - #1 Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions) - #2 Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage) - #3 Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter) - #4 Player Pratfalls (press L1 or R1 to fall) - #5 Infinite Sprint - #6 Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs) - #9 Infinite Ammo - #11 Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward) - #12 Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level) - #35 Never Die - #36 No Cop Notoriety - #50 No Gang Notoriety - #51 I Am Giant (become very tall) - #200 Itty Bitty (become very short) - #201 Give Cash (gain $1,000) - #2274666399 Submitted By: The cheater, Bryan Vehicle Phone Cheats Entry Location: Pause the game, then access the cell phone. Select "Dial," then enter one of the following numbers, including the # symbol, and choose "Call." If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Then go to "Cheats," and select the now unlocked option. Vehicles: Repair Car (fixes car, boat, and helicopter damage) - #1056 Ambulance - #1040 Anchor - #1041 Atlasbreaker - #1042 Attrazione - #1043 Backdraft - #1044 Backhoe - #1045 Bag Boy - #1046 Baron - #1047 Bear - #1048 Bootlegger - #1049 Bulldog - #1050 Bulldozer - #1051 Compton - #1052 Eiswolf - #1053 FBI - #1054 Five0 - #1055 Hollywood - #1057 Justice - #1058 Kent - #1059 Mag - #1060 Mixmaster - #1061 Mongoose - #1062 Oring - #1063 Phoenix - #1064 Quasar - #1065 Quota - #1066 Rampage - #1067 Raycaster - #1068 Reaper - #1069 Septic Avenger - #1070 Shaft - #1071 Stilwater Municipal - #1072 Superiore - #1073 Taxi - #1074 The Job - #1075 Titan - #1076 Toad - #1077 Varsity - #1078 Venom Classic - #1079 Vortex - #1080 Zenith - #1081 Horizon (commerical helicopter) - #711 Snipes57 (executive private jet) - #712 Tornado (police helicopter with minigun and anti-tank missiles; can lock onto other vehicles or be manually aimed) - #713 Wolverine (P-51 Mustang-style airplane with machine gun) - #714 Kaneda (custom street racing motorcycle) - #801 Kenshin (street racing motorcycle) - #802 Melbourne (Harley-style motorcycle) - #803 Sabretooth (custom Harley-style motorcycle) - #804 Sandstorm (dirtbike) - #805 Widowmaker (moped) - #806 Hurricane (speedboat) - #825 Miami - #826 Python - #827 Shark (personal watercraft) - #828 Skipper (yacht) - #829 Retailer Promotion Vehicles Gyro Daddy helicopter (two person mini-helicopter) - #4976 Destroy UFO (two person flying saucer) - #728237 Peewee mini-bike (very small mini-bike) - #7266837 Submitted By: The cheater, Bryan Weapon Phone Cheats Weapons 12 Gauge - #920 44 Shepherd - #921 AR200 (SAW-type machine gun) - #922 AR50 (X8-type assault rifle) - #923 AR50 Launcher (X8-type assualt rifle with grenade launcher) - #924 AS14 (fully automatic shotgun) - #925 Baseball Bat - #926 Chainsaw - #927 Fire Extinguisher - #928 Flamethrower - #929 Flashbang - #930 GAL43 (Uzi-like sub-machine gun) - #931 GDHC - #932 Grenade - #933 Holt 55 (fully automatic pistol) - #934 K6 Krukov - #935 Knife - #936 Machete - #937 McManus2010 - #938 Minigun - #939 Molotov - #940 Nightstick - #941 NR4 - #942 Pepper Spray - #943 Pimp Cane (shotgun) - #944 Pipe Bomb - #945 RPG - #946 RPG Annihilator (manual or lock-on guided RPG) - #947 Samurai Sword - #948 Satch

  • Fall out 3 or Saints Row 2?

    I have a Fallout 3...Its fun but i hate that NPC's can kill and you can kill them...idk im just not used to that type of game... My friend said he'll trade me Saints Row 2

    Saints row 2 is good fun, but it is a bit gimmicky, in that the missions change nothing about your character other than you get more money to buy clothes. I thoroughly enjoyed both games, but my preference is fallout 3, as it has far more replay value (Shall i destroy Megaton next time??). And in Saints row 2 you can't kill important NPC's. The only difference is that in SR:2, those NPC's are only revealed during missions, and if they die, you restart. You can kill NPC's in fallout 3, but the difference is that you actually kill an important NPC, unlike the ulimited number of generic people walking down the street in saints row 2. You could kill more people than the population of the Earth in that game, and more would spring right up.

  • GTA 4 or Saints Row 2?

    Which of these two games has a bigger map or playing area. Also which one is better in your opinion.

    GTA IV is far superior to Saints Row 2 in pretty much every away. The graphics, game play, story and game world are outclass Saints Row 2. If you're not convinced check the average review score from reviewers around the world for GTA IV here: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platform... As you can see, it has an average of 98%, which means it's pretty much one of the best games ever made. Here is the average for Saints Row 2: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platform... It's 81%, which is pretty good, but it doesn't compare to the awesomeness that is GTA IV. Make your choice and have fun.

  • Which games can i play? and Saints Row 2?

    I have 1GB of Ram with 32MB of Graphics Card. CPU Speed is 1.70GHZ. The Graphics Card isn't NVIDIA. It is VS303/305/307/309/ That's my Graphics Card. I'm gonna upgrade

    Sanits Row 2 run configuration The minimum configuration requirements: - Windows XP / Vista - 2.0 GHz dual-core processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2) - 1 GB memory requirements - 15 GB hard disk space requirements - 128 MB memory / with Shader Model 3.0 support (Nvidia GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1300) - DirectX Compatible Display Capable of 640x480 16-bit Color Resolution - DirectX 9.0c Compatible 16-bit Sound Card - Multiplayer game required a broadband connection Recommend configuration requirements: - Windows XP / Vista - 3.2 GHz dual-core processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2) - 2 GB of memory demand - 256 MB 3D video card with Shader Model 3.0 support (Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD3850) - DirectX Compatible Display Capable of 1024x768 in 32-bit Color - DirectX 9.0c Compatible 16-bit Sound Card - Recommended System Requirements Required for 2-12 Player Multiplayer or Co-Op Jacky

  • Is Saints Row 2 a good game?

    Hey, people who bought Saints Row 2, how's the game like? is it better then Grand Theft Auto 4, or not even comes closed to Grand Theft Auto 4. like is it worth it or not. give me

    Saints Row 2 is very similar to GTA 4 in the sense that you point and shoot and do missions. But there are also some significant differences. Saint's Row 2 Pros: Customizable character You can store cars in a garage You can do many different missions besides the main story line a lot of which are pretty funny. You have to aim the gun, No auto lock (this is both and advantage and disadvantage at times) Can customize cars Can have "Homies" help you with some missions Many different weapons to choose from You can buy many new cribs Can buy stores and earn more money You can mug people Disadvantages You can't climb on everything. (no ladders nor can you jump very high on a ledge) No autolock (it would just make some missions easier) Driving is not as realistic as on GTA 4 Cell phone is not as interactive as in GTA 4. (No custom ringtones, no camera, no walking and talking at the same time) Now you can't pick a safe. Bottom line, if you've played all the GTA games I think that you would like GTA 4 better because you are used to the way those games work. But I still think that you would enjoy Saints Row 2. Personally for me the first Saint's Row game is my favorite game of all time. But I also really liked GTA 4. My suggestion to you would be to first try out Saint's Row 1 to see the storyline and to get used to all the features of the game without spending a lot of money. If you don't like Saints Row then you probably won't like Saints Row 2.

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Phone Codes

Password Effect
#cashmoneyz $1000
#921 .44 Cal
#920 12 Gauge
#35 Add Gang Notoriety
#4 Add Police Notoriety
#947 Annihilator RPG
#922 AR-200
#923 AR-50
#924 AR-50 with Grenade launcher
#925 AS14 Hammer
#926 Baseball Bat
#2 Car Mass Increased
#927 Chainsaw
#78669 Clear Skies
#sunny Clear Sky
#955 Crowbar
#15 Drunk Pedestrians
#202 Everybody is Shrunk
#16 Evil Cars
#928 Fire Extinguisher
#929 Flame Thrower
#930 Flashbang
#1 Full Health
#931 GAL 43
#932 GDHC
#711 Get Horizon
#712 Get Snipes 57
#713 Get Tornado
#714 Get Wolverine
#200 Giant
#1042 Gives a Atlasbreaker
#801 Gives Kaneda (custom racing bike)
#829 Gives Skipper (Personal Yacht)
#933 Grenade
#4976 Gyro Daddy added to Garage
#12 Heaven Bound
#201 Itty Bitty
#935 KC
#936 Knife
#934 Kobra
#666 Lighting Strikes
#18 Low Gravity
#937 Machete
#938 McManus 2010
#3 Milk Bones
#939 Mini-Gun
#940 Moltov
#36 Never Die
#941 Nightstick
#50 No Cop Notoriety
#51 No Gang Notoriety
#942 NR4
#78665 Overcast
#19 Pedestrian Wars
#943 Pepper Spray
#969 Pimp Slap
#944 Pimpcane
#945 Pipe Bomb
#5 Player Pratfalls
#20 Raining Pedestrians
#1056 Repair Vehicle
#946 RPG
#948 Samurai Sword
#949 Satchel Charge
#950 Shock Paddles
#951 SKR-9
#952 Sledge Hammer
#953 Stun Gun
#7 Super Explosions
#8 Super Saints
#954 TK3
#956 Tombstone
#11 Unlimited Ammo
#9 Unlimited Clip
#6 Unlimited Sprint
#728237 Unlock D-STROY UFO
#7266837 Unlock Peewee Mini Bike
#957 Vice 9
#958 XS-2 Ultimax
#829 Yacht

Game Unlockables

Unlockable How to Unlock
-15% explosion damage reduced Level 6, Trail Blazing (Downtown)
100% music store discount Collect all 50 CD's
15% Food and Liquor Store Discount Beat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 6'
5% Food and Liquor Store Discount Beat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 3'
75% Mechanic Discount Complete all 5 Chop Shop lists
Akuji's Prototype Bike Ronin Mission 11
Ambulance All Ambulance Levels
Annihilator RPG mayhem level 6, nuclear plant
AR-50 XMAC Special All Combat Tricks Completed
Attack Helicopter Epilogue mission 4
Avenger Jacket 3 Gold Stars in Gang Kills
Bandit Do multiple car stunts to unlock
Bodyguards and Ninjas Game Progression
Brotherhood Gang Cars Complete Last Mission for the Brotherhood
Brotherhood Melee Complete Brotherhood Mission 6
Buggy Complete Truckyard Chop Shop list
Chainsaw in Weapon Cache Complete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 6
Clothing Store Discount Crowd Control level 3 (Suburbs)
Cowboy Hat Complete all races in Stilwater.
Crib Customization Discount Mayhem level 3 (Red Light)
Custom Phoenix 3 Gold Stars in Near Miss
Demo Derby Vehicles Complete Demo Derby Level 6
Donnie's Vehicle Complete Brotherhood mission 2
Explosion Damage -5% Level 3, Trail Blazing (Downtown)
Fire Fighter Suit Complete both set of Trailblazing activities
Flamethrower mayhem level 3, nuclear plant
Free Food and Drinks Get 20 Robbery Diversions
GAL 43 snatch level 3, downtown
Gang Customization Cars 45% hoods conquered
Gang Customization Cars 15% hoods conquered
Hand Grenades 1 Hitman list complete
Health Regeneration 2x Snatch level 3 (Chinatown)
Health Regeneration 3x Snatch level 6 (Chinatown)
Improved Weapon Accuracy 15% Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs.
Increased Melee Damage 15% Arena Fight Club Level 3
Increased Melee Damage 30% Arena Fight Club Level 3
Infinite Respect Do activities to raise your respect past level 75. you will then have Infinite respect.
Infinite Rifle Ammo Complete All Hitman Lists
Infinite Shotgun Ammo Complete Drug Trafficking level 6 (Airport)
Infinite SMG Ammo Successfully complete "Snatch" Level 6 Downtown
Jane Valderama Mug 50 citizens
Johnny Gat Complete final Ronin mission
Kobra (Pistol) Fuzz level 3 (Projects)
Legal Lee Beat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 3'
Maero's monster truck The Brotherhood mission 11
Mechanic Discount Complete Demo Derby Level 3
No damage from falling Get a bull's eye in the base jumping diversion
One Follower Complete Prologue Mission 4
Paintball Mask Mugged 30 People
Pepper Spray in Weapon Cache Complete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 3
Pierce Complete Ronin Storyline
Pimp Suit Complete Ho-ing Diversion
Pimpcane Pyramid Scheme
Police Notoriety Reduced Complete FUZZ Level 3, Suburbs
Police Notoriety Reduced 2 Complete FUZZ Level 6, Suburbs
Pumped Up Fight Club level 3 (Arena)
Pumped Up Fight Club level 6 (Arena)
Race Bike Complete all bike races in Stilwater.
Race Boat Complete all boat races in Stilwater
Race Car Complete all car races in Stilwater.
Race Helicopter Complete all helicopter races in Stilwater.
Race Plane Complete all plane races in Stilwater.
Red Light Apartment Crib Complete Prologue Mission 2
Reduced bullet damage Heli assault level 3 (Bario)
Reduced Vehicle Damage Insurance Fraud Level 3, Museum
Ronin Gang Cars Complete Last Mission for the Ronin
Ronin Melee Complete Ronin Mission 6
Ronin Notoriety Reduced Drug Traffickingf Level 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Ronin Notority Reduced 2 Beat 'Hotels & Marina Drug Trafficking Level 6'
Saints Hideout Complete Prologue Mission 3
Saints yacht Successfully complete all boat events.
Satchel Charges 3 Hitman lists complete
Septic Truck Beat both of the Septic Avengers
Shaundi Complete Sons of Samedi Storyline
Shock Paddles (Melee Weapon) All Ambulance Levels
Sons Of Samedi Gang Cars Complete Last Mission for Sons Of Samedi
Sons Of Samedi Melee Complete Mission "Bad Trip"
Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced Complete Escort Level 3, University
Special Bezier Win all vehicle races.
Sprint Increased Insurance Fraud level 3 (Factories)
Sprint Increased (Unlimited) Insurance Fraud level 6 (Factories)
Super Taxi All Taxi Levels
The General's Bulldog sons of samedi mission 11
The News Helicopter Complete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
Three Followers 50% hoods conquered
Toad ATV (custom Saints variant) Complete 10 hostage diversions
Tobias Complete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
Traffic Cone Hat 3 Gold Stars in Vehicle Surfing
Troy Beat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 6
Two Followers 25% hoods conquered
Ultor APC epilogue mission 2
Unlimited Pistol Ammo Fuzz level 6 (Projects)
Unlimited Rifle Ammo Complete all 5 Hitman lists
Vehicle Delivery Escort level 3 (Red Light)
Vehicle Delivery (Free) Escort level 6 (Red Light)
X2 Ultimax (Shotgun) Drug Trafficking level 3 (Airport)
Zombie Carlos Call eye for an eye after you complete the brother hood story
Zombie Mask Complete Zombie Uprising