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If you've always wanted to race as a wild animal in a combat car circa the year 3000 strangely enough, your dream has come true. Choose from five animal cars Mammoth, Rhino, Lion, Mantis, or Shark each made unique by its speed, handling, armor, and weapons. Grand Prix Mode gives you three main cups composed of a few races each and there's a customizable cup that can last for up to eight races. In Challenge Mode, you race against one of four additional characters Cheetah, Panther, Cobra, or Scorpion earning the right to play as that character if you defeat him, which just isn't going to be easy. All of the standard weapons are here (missiles, shields, and turbos), plus some more inventive weapons, such as freeze magnets and energy fields. The best weapon, however, may well be a ticking time bomb that gets passed back and forth between racers until it decides to go off. With inventive combat and characters, exciting graphics, and solid gameplay in the tradition of SUPER MARIO KART, S.C.A.R.S. is an original!

Release Date: November 30, 1998

Developer: Vivid Image


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S.C.A.R.S. may refer to:

Questions & Answers

  • Is there any aftermarket/universal C.A.R.B. legal Catalytic converter's for a 2000 Honda Civic SI available?

    I've been asking the local muffler shops and they all point me to the Honda Dealer. I was trying to avoid paying near $1000, but looks like i have no other option.

    No, aftermarket Catalytic Converters in California pretty much never receive a C.A.R.B. stamp. Not Magnaflow, not Flowmaster, not any companies. Here in California you have 2 options, replace the Cat with a direct O.E.M. replacement or go illegal. You wont have to pay $1000 for the Cat, but an O.E.M. will run you around $600 if you order from this site: http://www.hondapartsnow.com/online/Page... (#4, Part # = 18160-P2P-A00) I tried searching for a cheap C.A.R.B. converter for my friend but I couldn't ever find one, we just went with OEM. I suggest you also try to find out what may have caused the catalytic converter to fail, otherwise the new one could also fail soon in the future. If you decide to cut it cheap and get an "illegal" one, it'll have to be replaced with a C.A.R.B. Cat before the next smog and you'll have to watch out for California's new "sniffers" that look for "polluting" cars (Usually white vans/suvs/trucks with a white trailer attached around free way ramps and one way streets). You'll also have to watch out for checkpoints with dyno's set up. Just another downside to living in California, dealing with their ridiculous emissions standards. The annoying thing is seeing that every single cat is 49 state legal with the exception of Cali..... Edit: The junkyard as mentioned is a good idea, but most junkyards pull the converters off and strip them down for all the metal inside then trash what's left, in large quantities the metal inside a converter is worth a lot. I suggest you join Honda forums and look around. A lot of times people will sell any extra parts they have or parts directly off their car after a theft recovery or an accident - usually pretty cheap too. Like http://www.hondamarketplace.com/ for example. Edit: @ Alexander M: They are concentrated in the Inland Empire area, mainly in Ontario due to all the street racing. Also in East and some parts of South LA. Just Google "CA roadside smog". It's not statewide...yet - I doubt CA has the funds to make it into a bigger thing though. The dyno's are becoming more rare though, I haven't seen one in a long time now. Used to be like this: Rare but they are out there. I thought it was all BS too until I saw one of the roadside smog testers set up on an on-ramp to the 10 West near Covina.

  • Aftermarket Headers C.A.R.B, indentification?

    what does it mean by the C.A.R.B numbering, can someone show me what it show or what are the numbers on one as an example?

    CARB is the for aftermarket parts were the manufacture has gone through the testing and work needed to make the part legal to put on cars in California since they have such a strict emissions standards and they think all aftermarket parts that effect the engine make more pollution then the ones with that are CARB legal. AEM is company that make almost everything CARB legal they can and was one of the first companies to fight for the allowance of aftermarket part in California. From them California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO) number, exempting them from the prohibitions of California Vehicle Code (CVC) 27156, which states that you cannot modify your car in the area of the emission control system. The C.A.R.B. E.O. number allows you to legally use the part.

  • Can performance parts that are not registered with C.A.R.B. still be legally used in california?

    i'm talking about exhaust systems including headers..that meet emissions and noise level laws but haven't been approved/registered by the california air resources board or

    The use of any product in the state of California that doesn't meet C.A.R.B. emission standards is illegal in that state. It is also illegal to use products in other states that use C.A.R.B. specifications such as several states along the east coast.

  • What does MCR means in S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Song?

    I think S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W is, or is a part of, BL/ind (a company who is trying to take over the world with technology). MCR is saying to run away from them, and not let them catch you. In real life I guess it could mean don't be materialistic. (And don't let materialism take over your life, run away from it). Also in Destroya they say "If what you are Is just what you own What have you become? When they take from you Almost everything" Again meaning don't be materialistic, because in the end, objects mean nothing.

  • What does C.A.R.E stand for? for those that have worked for GeekSquad.?

    GeekSquad mentioned something about performing "C.A.R.E," but I don't know what that means. Does anyone know what their abbreviations mean? C.A.R.E, STAR Service Order,

    Haha. Well Sir. I'm a current Best Buy Employee. C.A.R.E. Was our old sales model. Now we use TRUST lol. C-ontact= Contact the Customer A-sk= Ask the Life style questions to assess what they need R-ecommend= Recommend what would work best for what they need E-ncourage= Encourage the customer that this would be worth their investment, and they've got the whole BBY/GS Crew behind them. Now T.R.U.S.T. T-hanks= Thank the Customer when we meet, we appreciate you guys coming in. R-espect= Respect the Customer as a person, not a sale U-nderstand= Understand their life style, what their want or problem is and figure out the way to S-olve=Solve the problem, as a whole and a group, not as a salesmen. T-hanks= Thank the Customer again for their investment, and thanks for spending alittle time in the big blue box. Lol. Let me know if you have more.

  • Where can i find a website that sells only c.a.r.b. exempt parts?

    if there is no such website..maybe a list of maker's of carb exempt exhaust systems, headers etc..will do..basically for sport compact cars

    I dont think this was worded properly you either have C.A.R.B approved parts and non approved which would not have a C.A.R.B. number. In California its a selling point since during smog check they check for this. So if it does not say anything about being C.A.R.B approved its expemt from the program.

  • What Is The MCR Song S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W About?

    I think it might be about a nuclear bomb/war. What do you think??=)

    Yup, i think you may be right.. I found this, something someone wrote.. very interesting, i think they're correct :) Sounds to me lik S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Is a "government" code word for a nuclear bomb The "sunlight dies" in a nuclear winter and "moving your body" is to get the heck outta there. "Hide your body" is to avoid fallout radiation "Childhood dies" as we realize that it's real and the "wish" is the disbelief. "Hear the knock...we're all alone" Is possibly being in a bomb shelter but not opening the door to people locked outside. "Hold your breath when the blackbird flies" either, the bomb has launched and we would hold our breath to see what happens and/or holding your breath to keep from breathing in the fallout. "Count to 17..." The time before the blast wave hits you..? "safe inside" a nuclear shelter "he burns my skin..." Radiation burns and kills everyone without regard to level of health. "blow a kiss @ the methane skies" like saying goodbye to our polluted world. "see the rust thru your playground eyes" Opening your eyes to the world...loss of innocence "we're all in love tonight" Finding comfort with whomever you're stuck with. "Leave a dream where the fallout lies" A dream is all you have if you are in the middle of a fallout zone. "Watch it grow where the tear stain dries" If you're in the fallout zone you'll have tracks through the fallout on your skin..."it grows" cancer growing maybe? I don't know if "it" is the dream growing...don't think it'll grow much with a fallout victim. (Repeated stuff) "love...won't stop this bomb" The idea of love healing strife amongst nations is great but unrealistic. "run...bunny...run" Scattering like rabbits down into their rabbit holes. It'll be all we have

  • Who the flying f*ck is C.A.R.S?!?

    01256306913 and 07802921940 have called me twice, leaving voicemails saying blah blah reference, I'm fifteen, so cannot see it being for me? What is this company and how can I get

    That sounds like some phone numbers of Africa and it is most likely some type of scam. The second number you list could potentially be from Alberta, Canada, but the the zero up front is inconsistent with the use of North American dialing practices and there is no company or organization with the initials C.A.R.S. listed in that province.

  • How do i c.a.r.b approve a motorcycle?

    what all needs to be done to make sure its california legal to register i ride

    http://www.arb.ca.gov/ How fun. Suzuki's TU250X is legal in 49 States. Suzuki cannot make the TU250X pass C.A.R.B.'s approval. You think you can do better?

  • C.A.R.B. approved BOV?

    I want a C.A.R.B. approved BOV because I live in California and I don't want to get a ticket. Are any BOV approved by C.A.R.B. Thanks

    it wont really matter, things only have to get carb approval if theres a chance that putting that part on a vehicle will cause it to pollute more, on a blow off valve thats really not possible, just go ahead and put any blow off valve you want, cops wont know if its stock or not, or if its carb approved or not, theyre not that smart and chances are they dont know what a blow off valve is

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At the Options screen, press F1. Now enter the following codes:
GLASSX - Crystal cup
ROCKYY - Diamond cup
ZDPEAK - Zenith cup
DESERT - Scorpion car
RATTEL - Cobra car
XPERTS - All Cups and Mirror Mode
RUNNER - Cheetah car
ALLVID - All Cars and Cups
MYSTER - Panther car


Thanks to Revolution Readers Sport, Mr.Cars, Fighter, and D.J.!