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Valyria Tear

Release Date: September 4, 2014


  • Games for Linux: Valyria Tear

    Valyria Tear is a JRPG based on the Hero of Allacrost-Engine. Currently 12 episode is finished, but give it a try Also check the...

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    Recorded for - .

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    Site: Forum: git2012-08-16 Playtest of the Hero...

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    Half Episode 1 Release - May 7 2013 Einen...

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    This is my series for the PC release of Valkyria Chronicles.

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    Greg and Ben remember what made Valkyria Chronicles so great while admiring the new PC port released on Steam.

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    Cosmic reviews the recently ported to PC tactical JRPG Valkyria Chronicles which was developed and published by SEGA.

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    Review at: I had high praise for Valkyria Chronicles when it first came...

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    We review the Valkyria Chronicles PC port, capable of gameplay in 1080p and 60FPS. Download on Steam:...

  • "Magia 2d" - Najlepsze gry 2d #10 Valyria Tear & Stealth Bastard

    To ju 10 odcinek z serii Magia 2d, w ktrej pokazuj zalety tego typu gier. Dzisiejszym tytuem jest Valyria Tear - typowy RPG z...

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    War is lonely, but at least Im surrounded by cheerful anime characters in this excellent PC port.

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    English description: 10 minutes of gameplay from the just released PC port of Valkyria Chronicles. This is my first attempt at the...

  • Valkyria Chronicles PC - Mission 3 gameplay (60 fps)

    A couple of quick notes: - Theres some audio issues which might be apparent in the video, but hopefully thatll be patched soon.

  • Valkyria Chronicles PC [Full HD 1080p60] Chapter 3, NO BS, NO COMMENTARY

    0:00 Mission Start 0:15 grenade tutorial 0:20 First Turn 2:23 Enemy Turn 1 3:33 Player Turn 2 4:28 Enemy Turn 2 5:31...

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    We www.bitparade.co.uk take a look at the Steam release of Valkyria Chronicles, the Sega PS3 classic As you can see it runs...

  • Прохождение Valkyria Chronicles (PC) на русском pt1 - Аниме-стратегия?!


  • Valkyria Chronicles [PC] Gameplay [60FPS]

    Follow The Hate on Twitter Follow The Hate on TOUT ...

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    I totally A ranked that sucker.

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    Should I stick with Pc or go back to console