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Velvet Assassin

Inspired by the fascinating story and unbreakable spirit of British secret agent Violette Szabo, players take control of Violette Summer, a beautiful spy deep behind enemy lines during World War II. Intense stealth-action gameplay with a startling real-time lighting system and surreal visuals combine to produce an incredible gaming experience. Through third-person gameplay, sneak up on enemies and pull the pins from their belted grenades. Infiltrate a Gestapo prison and slip cyanide to your own men before the Germans make them talk. Slink through the shadows to finish off your unsuspecting enemies with a single, silent move. Through Violette's fever dreams, experience what she experienced. Walk where she walked. And kill those she killed.

Release Date: April 30, 2009

Developer: Replay Studios


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Velvet Assassin is a stealth game for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360, released in North America on April 28, 2009. Velvet Assassin's working title was Sabotage. It was also released on the Mac app store in 2013.

Players take control of Violette Summer, a World War II-era British female spy operating deep behind enemy lines, attempting to help thwart the Nazi war effort. The game's story was inspired by a real life secret agent/saboteur Violette Szabo.

Born in Dorset, Violette Summer (voiced by Melinda Y. Cohen) grew up in a happy family and had a great and active childhood. Initially, she started her working life in a beauty salon before the outbreak of war inspired her to move to London and join the weapon industry. It didn take too long for her to be noticed by the secret services, as she was beautiful, athletic and had great attention to detail, and so she was soon recruited into Secret Intelligence Service during Britain darkest hours. Violette had lost an aunt during one of the first Luftwaffe bombing attacks and to further compound her heartache she later lost her RAF husband in battle. However, Summer was strong willed and used these painful experiences to inspire her to succeed as a spy for the SIS.

Questions & Answers

  • Velvet Assassin (Reatail Copy)?

    I recenly bought velvet assassin, off of ebay (for pc) for $1.50, new unopened (should be) and i was stoaked till, found some comments regardign steam/internet. I am asking does

    Velvet Assassin [Steam, game tied to one account, non-resellable, warning - many retail versions do not mention online activation] As a rule: All games are technically impossible to resell, as there is no guarantee for the buyer that they will be able to activate it. You may face legal action from the buyer if they are unable to activate the product they have purchased from you! All games may be unplayable in the future when the activation servers are deactivated. None of the publishers of the games listed above have formally committed to releasing patches to ensure that the games continue to be playable. You will have no legal recourse if they do not follow up on these promises. Should you have to call a customer support hotline to obtain more activations, they are legally entitled to reject your request, and it has been known for them to often do this (especially Zuxxez) I should also mention that I have not included games bought via digital distribution, as they almost always invariably have DRM. Likewise a number of titles (Dawn of Discovery/Anno 1404, Far Cry 2) have since had the DRM removed. I'll try and keep this up to date.

  • Anyone played Velvet Assassin?

    I've heard a lot about Velvet Assassin and I'm thinking of buying it for the 360. Anyone know what it's like before I part with the dosh?

    do NOT buy that game. im being neutral when i say its been announced world wide by all critics as a repitative and boring game. believe me. do not buy that game. get Assassin's Creed instead. now thats a piece of work.

  • Velvet Assassin system requirements?

    My pc is not that updated but so far I have been able to run the following games: Devil May Cry 4 Dead Space Silent Hill 3 Resident Evil 4 Splinter Cell: Double Agent F.E.A.R.

    Hi Yes you will surely be able to Play Gears Of War & Velvet Assassin if you are able to play games like Devil May Cry 4 & Deadspace. I cant tell that those games will run at high settings becaue i dont exactly know your PC configurations.But these games will run perfectly.

  • Velvet Assassin on PC?

    can you get xbox achievements on Velvet Assassin for pc?

    Only if its a Windows Live game.

  • Velvet Assassin error problem?

    when i try to open Velvet Assassin it show my this error http://i86.servimg.com/u/f86/11/96/06/13/untitl10.png

    you forgot to crack it.

  • Velvet Assassin Help?

    Anyone got any walkthroughs for the game called Velvet Assassin its a coll pc game just came out im on the lost storage mission i need help on that

    what part are you at exactly? i'm on the fifth or sixth mission. i can probably help you out.

  • When will Velvet Assassins release a sequel for Xbox 360?

    I would like to know about the release for Velvet Assassin's 2 for Xbox 360. Will the game be release this year or is the game been previously released & if the game is out when

    There is no Velvet Assassin 2, nor any plans to make one.

  • Should i buy velvet assassin game?

    I have bought the saboteur and am loving it, i enjoy the stealth genre but should i buy velvet assassin, people have told me its crap without any justification

    If you can get it cheap (<$20) then it's ok, but it's somewhat frustrating. It could have been a good stealth game and sometimes it works, but sometimes the guards you're trying to sneak around suddenly have super-human hearing and can see you in the dark, and you're dead. Then you do the same thing again and you're fine. There's lots of glitches in in the game like that.

  • How do I get Velvet Assassin to start working?

    I just bought the game Velvet Assassin for my computer. I installed everything including steam and PhysX. But whatever I do, I cant get it to work it always says "Velvet Assassin

    I could think of a few reasons why this might be. 1) Make sure that your computer can handle at least the minimum system requirements that they show on the box. You can check your comps specs by going into the search bar and typing dxdiag. If your computer doesn't at least match up to the minimum requirements, then the game usually wont play(even with minimum requirements it wont look or play nice though. 2) Try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. That is the only help I can give. Hope it works.

  • How do I install velvet assassin on my pc?

    hi I've just bought velvet assassin for pc but every time I try to install it,it goes through a bit of installation but then it says "To continue unpacking file velvet

    put dvd into dvd drive. when autorun tries to load game, press cancel or red x. go to start. then my computer. then your dvd drive (mine is d), right click on it and select open. you will now see all the files on the disc. find the sid file and double click on it, it should then unpack the files. then click on install or there will be a file ending in .exe. click on this to launch the installer for the game

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In game hold ctrl,shift,o,and e. Then press h while holding those keys down to enter developer mode. Now you can enter any of the following cheats.

Code        Effect
8 Add 1000 EXP
6 Give Explosives
5 Give Gas Mask
9 Give Morphine
2 Give Next Handgun
1 Give Next Rifle
G God Mode
7 Intended Upgrade Attributes
N Maximum Ammo for Current Weapon
M Maximum Armor
X Toggle Fly Mode
V Toggle Visibility