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Vacation Gone Awry

Release Date: May 27, 2006


  • Family Vacations Gone Wrong

    Most family vacations are the source of some of our fondest memories, strongest bonding time and biggest arguments

  • Vacations Gone Wrong (fail compilation)

    We do not own the copyrights to the clips in this video. It is simply for entertainment.

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    A girl cliff jumping in Jamaica builds up a little too much confidence and severely injures her back jumping from 35 feet.

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  • Vacation Gone Wrong!

    Heres what I did all last week haha, did you guys miss me No Okay haha. Hope you werent to bored watching his I thought it...


    Our vacation went wrong when our truck broke down and we were almost eaten by a wild bear.

  • Family Vacation Surprise Gone Wrong

    This is what happens when you attempt to surprise my family with a wonderful vacation to Disney.

  • I'm On Vacation (Song)

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  • Family Vacation Gone Wrong

    via YouTube Capture.

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  • family vacation gone wrong.wmv

    we have been in a horrible plane crash on this desserted land. this is our story of survival

  • Vacation Gone Wrong - Spanish Video


  • An Animal Ruined My Vacation: Dirty Dolphin

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Questions & Answers

  • ~~~☼~~~ How about a little story re: a BEACH VACATION gone awry!!?

    1. Please stop talking about "Jaws." 2. Is anyone reMOTELY concerned that we have no oars?! 3. Your face reminds me of live bait, my dear. 4. Well....The fin in the water

    The summer following high school graduation, my little surfer girl Peggy Sue and I wandered up and down California, having a good ol' time... and some misadventures too. We'd met some friends at Long Beach, and they'd showed us their latest toy: a giant kite raft! About 12 feet in diameter, it could be towed behind a boat, and it would become airborne. It was meant to hold only one person, but Peggy and I were slender lightweight teenagers. What did we know. Further, it was meant to be towed on a short, hundred foot rope, but (and this was my dumb idea) we were going to use a thousand feet of line, so we could go higher. Well, their speedboat was towing, moving into the 25 mph wind, and quickly Peggy and I were airborne! It was exhilarating seeing the ocean drop away, seeing the beach houses of Belmont Shores, seeing the people look like ants... We must have been about six hundred feet up. Yup, a tremendous gust of wind came up, and the line snapped. The wind carried us away from the boat, away from the beach, away, away into the sky. "It's gonna hurt when we hit," Peggy said. Yup. It sure did. All these years later I still wince thinking about that belly-smacker. The inflation of the raft prob'ly saved our lives. I looked around. Not a ship in sight. No land in sight. I lay back down in the kite/raft. "Is anyone REMOTELY concerned that we have no oars?!" asked Peggy. She grabbed her little waterproof radio and switched it on. "We interrupt this program for a special announcement," the radio said. "Two teenagers have been lost on a kite at sea, off Long Beach. Search and rescue efforts are under weigh." Good. Our friends with the speedboat had lost no time in calling in that they'd misplaced us, and their expensive kite/raft. "Maybe we could swim for it," said Peggy. I looked dubious. "No sign of land, and, well... the fin in the water is a bit of a deterrent!" I pointed at some fins breaking the waves. I knew they were dolphins, but Peggy didn't. "Not to mention, I can't swim." "Please stop talking about 'Jaws.'" said Peggy. The movie had come out a couple of years ago, and it still gave her the willies sometimes. Hadn't stopped her from surfing, though. The afternoon wore on, then the dusk, and the evening. The sea glowed with phosphorescence around us. I could see glowing comb jellies swimming, and here and there, lithe faster torpedo shapes among them. "My sunburn is itching!" said Peggy. "I'm itching too," I said. "I have sand in all of my crevices." It was getting hard to speak. We were both horribly thirsty. I reached down into the water and grabbed one of the squid. "Your face reminds me of live bait, my dear," I said to the squid, then I bit into its head to kill it. I shared my calamari sushi with Peggy Sue. I'd never tasted anything so good, except maybe Rocky Road Ice Cream. We washed ashore on one of the Channel Islands at about noon the following day, and were found by the resident ranger. She called in a helicopter to airlift us to a mainland hospital (dehydration, sunburn, bruising, one broken rib). Epilogue: Don't bother looking for those kite/rafts. They were FINALLY taken off the market last year; there had been just too many accidents and incidents and injuries involving these things. Edit: Check the link -- the one Peggy and I were using was bigger than this, and made by a different company. I don't mean to cast aspersions on the product. I want to emphasize that it was my dumb idea to use a weaker, longer line; the flight was fun right up to the time the line broke.

  • Vacation gone awry game need help?

    I got to the part where you need the key for the cable car can someone give me a hint or tell me where to go for a walkthrough

    look into the game's manual :> peace .

  • Can you write an amusing story about a Christmas Ski Trip gone awry that includes 5 of these titles, just...?

    for the sheer fun of being creative? 1. Up In The air 2. It's Complicated 3. Something's Gotta Give 4. Shakespeare In Love 5. The Good, the Bad and The Ugly 6. You

    The thing about my folks is that they almost NEVER go on a vacation....let alone a FAMILY vacation.....so when they suggested we ALL go on a family skiing trip for Christmas how could I refuse? After reminding my father that "you can't take it with you", my mother had splurged on the deluxe ski package which included the"High-End' ski lodge accommodations with heart shaped tubs and heated king sized beds! My father was happy to get me away from my three best friends who he referred to as The Good, the Bad and The Ugly...which was only partially accurate since Rita was FAR from good, Vanity was NOT as bad as she tried to be and May-belle wasn't THAT ugly ! Upon arrival I unpacked quickly and rapped on my parents door to see if they were ready to ski. Unfortunatly my dad could not get into his ski pants!! When I opened the door he was lying on the bed holding his breath and my mom was kneeling over him trying to close the zipper on his pants! "Something's gotta give" she complained, giving the zipper a final brutal tug which caused the seat of his pants to split down the middle! I stiffled a giggle. "Where are the men who stare at goats when you need them" My father was NOT amused. "These pants must have shrunk...and what is that malarky about goats?" I said "nevermind" and decided to go check out the action by myself while they sorted out the pants situation! Downstairs there were a few old couples drinking hot cocoa and watching Miracle on 34Th street. I suggested we switch it to Shakespeare in Love and they looked horrified! "Nevermind!!" I said and decided to go up in the air on the ski lift and try out the slopes! I received a few strange looks here and there and everywhere I went there seemed to be alot of older people and not one single person under 60!! Once on the slopes I encountered a little old man who looked about 90 years old and he was watching me put on my ski's. At first I thought he was looking for pointers until he came up to me and said "it's done like this dearie,,,,you see??...it's (not that) complicated. A moment later he went flying down the slope..zig-zagging and executing some fancy moves. Of course I had to try and match him which left me in a heap of snow at the bottom of the hill!! I dusted myself off, refusing the oldtimers help and hobbled back to my room. It was THEN that I saw the card on the night stand. "Thank you for choosing the Golden Seniors Christmas Weekend" I found out later that my father had switched the lodge since this one was cheaper!!! And as if THAT wasn't bad enough....later that night the old man from the slopes had the nerve to try and pick me up!!! Well....Let me tell you........ I actually wound up having a great time!! The old man was really sweet... he just wanted to teach me how to ski...which he did!! And My dad FINALLY got a new pair of ski pants and threw out the 1954 version!!

  • What is going on in Justin Bibier's world?

    In December he split with his girl friend Selena when a Mexican vacation went awry and last time he was seen smoking weeds with his friends in hotel! Again he collapsed on stage while

    He's going through a rough time and has a lot to deal with in terms of rumours, paparazzi, scandals and a horrible breakup. But he will pull through. He has music.

  • How much in advance do you plan a family vacation?

    My husband, and a few others, thinks I'm crazy for planning a vacation for mid 2012 all while I plan a much smaller vacation for 2011.

    Wow! That must be some vacation you are planning. Sometimes preparation and planning can make it the perfect vacation. Two years could be a bit much but if you need to reserve rooms, cabins, houses, shore excursions, etc., then advance planning might be needed. Be sure to leave room for just doing nothing or roaming around or sitting around. Be flexible. Don't schedule every minute or you will go home more exhausted than when you left. Open yourself up to a wee bit of constructive criticism about advance planning vacations. Your husband and the others might see that you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you put so much effort into the planning and some little (or big) thing goes awry. He may want a lot more flexibility in the itinerary rather than having each day scheduled from sunrise to sundown. Talk with him about his wants and desires for this trip. After all, it is also his vacation. Even if he tells you it doesn't matter to him, you know it does because you are his wife and you know his likes and dislikes. Neither of you will be happy if you are super stressed about all the little details. Don't try to cram 10 countries into 14 days. The biggest issue is to engage your husband in the planning so that he feels like he's with you on a dream trip, not just on a guided tour. Bon Voyage!

  • What are some unexpected vacation home expenses?

    I am thinking about a vacation home about 3 hours from my home. Do I have to get a caretaker? Also what are some unexpected vacation home expenses?

    I have two houses one is a vacation home. I have a groundskeeper for my rental and a cartaker for the vacation home. He makes sure pipes don't freeze in the winter and he does the general winter close down. He snow plows in winter and mows in the summer. He checks for leaks and frozen pipes and things going awry. He moves a car in and out of the drive to make it look like we come and go and he leaves varying lights on to mix it up and give the impression you never know when we are there. Also I have a complete inventory of the contents in the event of an emergency. Also you can notify the local police/ state troopers/ law enforcement to let them know it is empty and they keep an eye too. good luck

  • Anything to talk about with my boyfriend?

    I have liked this guy for 4 years and he asked me out today and we are 5 hours apart in different states so I have to text him. I don't know what to say in texts cuz I don't

    Sure.. Dream Vacation Not every couple has the money to afford a luxurious vacation, but you can certainly talk about your dream vacation with your boyfriend. Ask him about the one place he would love to visit, and ask him what he’d want to do while he was there. Maybe he loves the beach and wants to visit the Cayman Islands to go snorkeling. Share your dream vacation with him as well. This lighthearted conversation topic will put you both in a good mood—after all, everyone loves fantasizing about a relaxing vacation. If you take your relationship to the next level, perhaps you can use these ideas when you plan your honeymoon. Future Although talks about the future can occasionally lead to conflict, you can also look down the road in a positive light. If your boyfriend is in school, ask him what he wants to do with his degree. Let him brainstorm about his future career path, and you can express your support of his career. Consider more lighthearted topics about the future as well. Does your boyfriend want to get a pet (or another one, if he has one)? What would he name it? Ask him which state he would want to live in if he could choose. These topics allow you and your boyfriend to look at the future in a fun way, thinking about it in a positive light without applying any pressure about your relationship’s future. Your Youth Everyone has funny stories from his or her childhood, so share some of those entertaining stories with your boyfriend. Ask him about his most embarrassing moment from his childhood—what was embarrassing in elementary school will surely be funny now. Share with him any funny stories you have about your youth—maybe a family vacation went awry or your sister gave you an unforgettable haircut. You can learn about your boyfriend’s past and his relationship with his family during this conversation, and you’ll both enjoy reminiscing about the past. Read more: Fun Things to Talk About With a Boyfriend | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6719832_fun-thi...

  • Vacation/Getaway with my Ex?

    My boyfriend of several years and I broke up just a few weeks ago, but we're still "friendly" and see each other at least once a week. We love each other and just need

    You are not really having time apart if you go on holiday with him, now are you? I am damn sure sex will be on the cards and that always muddies the waters, one of you will think it means something, the other just sex. Think of it this way, if you had a boyfriend, would you still want to go away with your ex? Would the boyfriend be happy with you going away with the ex? Go away with one of your single girlfriends, you will have a great time and forget about the ex for a little while - and if you do go with a girlfriend, don't ring him whilst you are away!

  • What is wrong with Justin Biebier?

    In December he split with his girl friend Selena when a Mexican vacation went awry and last time he was seen smoking weeds with his friends in hotel! Again he collapsed on stage while

    Puberty didn't do his voice any favors...

  • Plot ideas for short story.?

    Im writing a short story and need some plot ideas. Any inspiration :)

    2 kids get lost in the woods a family vacation goes awry

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