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  • Dying Light Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - Gimme Vaccine! [PC 60 FPS](Let's Play) HD

    Dying Light Walkthrough Part 1 Dying Light Walkthrough Part 1 Dying Light Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay until the ending will...

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  • Drive Vaccine - Instant PC Restore for Public Machines

    Drive Vaccine is an instant PC restore, on any fixed schedule software. You can restore on reboot, log off, weekly, daily, etc. to a...

  • Infected: The Twin Vaccine (Gameplay)


  • [CG] Infected: The Twin Vaccine (PC) Part 5

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  • [CG] Infected: The Twin Vaccine (PC) Part 2

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  • PC Longplay [260] Infected: Twin Vaccine (Collectors edition)

    Played by: Geekmeister Get the Game A Deadly virus that has so far claimed more than 150 lives in the...

  • Infected - The Twin Vaccine Gameplay PC HD

    A new breed of virus has spread throughout the City of Oxford forcing the area to be quarantined and on high alert. The first...

  • [CG] Infected: The Twin Vaccine (PC) Part 7 (Final)

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  • February 2014 ACIP Meeting -- Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) -- Part 1

    Introduction, Update on Effectiveness and Impact of PCV13 use among U.S. Children, and GRADE for 3-dose PCV13 schedules.

  • Infected: The Twin Vaccine (PC)

    Introduction, Update on Effectiveness and Impact of PCV13 use among U.S. Children, and GRADE for 3-dose PCV13 schedules.

  • ♥ Infected The Twin Vaccine Collectors Edition - Gameplay PC | HD

    Infected The Twin Vaccine Collectors Edition - Gameplay PC HD ------ A new breed of virus has spread throughout the City of...

  • Infected: The Twin Vaccine (PC) Playthrough


  • Drive Vaccine Video

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Questions & Answers

  • Do hamsters need any vaxines?

    Not unless he's sick or you found him outside. If you adopted him from anywhere other than the petstore or an ASPCA, I'd take him to the vet just in case. You don't know his history, like if you got him from an ad in the paper, so thats a reason to get him checked. Other than that, he won't need vet care if properly cared for. Hamsters, like all rodents, can carry diseases. But its unlikely that this would ever happen with a pet hamster. And really, rodents are no more prone to carry diseases than the next animal. Its actually more dangerous to have reptiles, due to the risk of contracting salmonella. Small pets (reptiles too) will stay healthy and disease free if you keep their cage clean and properly cared for. The only reason your pets could get sick or make you sick (or be in need of vaccines) is if they were neglected or escaped for a period of time.

  • I was bitten by the dog in last december & i took vaxine for it , now again i got little worry?

    Recently i was on jogging 1 Dog came 2 me in order 2 bite me but i some how manged 2 make him run away but when i reached home i saw i got little scratched on my right leg not by his

    Nothing happened to you after 4 months. You don't have bacteria in the wound and you don't have rabies. I don't see why you're worrying.

  • I was told that its not the swine flu that kills its the vaxine, any views on this?

    People are still talking about swine flu, we get a new one of these every few years the only ones that have to worry are the young and old, most of us are going to be just fine, the ones that have been claimed or are going to be, can enjoy ever lasting bliss in heaven if they had enough money to get baptized.

  • What is the song from the advert?

    what is the song from the cervical cancer vaxine advert. its about girls in year 8 getting a jab. it says something like 'these are the things of my day'?

    its not an actual song its made for the advert but its a pretty good song lol sound like a kate nash song x

  • Another article questioning vaccine safety from the medical community.?

    A study published in the May 11, 2011, issue of the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health shows that in the US there is a state by state link between the proportion of

    I'm not going to comment on the Validity of the study. However I will comment that the Pro-vaxers have all been very quick to say 'this isn't a credible study" to support their stance. The fact that she works for the deparment of health and is clearly a credible scientist cuts no ice but hey lets just over look that for now. Will they apply the same rules to their own references in the future please. nothing more from Quackwatch, Chirobase, Whatstheharm etc as these are not crdible scientific studies or web sites. They are sites with an agenda to stop people using alternative medicine by massively missrepresenting the risks and completely ignoring any benefits. Less of the 2 faced behaviour and we might take the pro-vaxine lobby a little more seriously. Edit: ####Wrong: 2 + 2 = 4#### Using base 10 this is correct. What would it be using the base 3? ###Today, tomorrow, and one thousand years from now. 2 + 2 will always = 4.#### Using Base 10 yes it would. Who is to say this would always be the case? Do you see how nothing is 100% certain? (Can someone with such a simplistic mind see that?) ####We live in a world of absolutes. Just because we can't always qualify or quantify them doesn't mean they aren't there.#### Erm, no we don't actually. Any theoretical physicist can tell you of the known uncertainties but I guess you don't know as much about science as you like to think you do. Edit: Gary an occasional scientific paper referenced on a website to illustrate a point that the biased author is trying to make does not give it scientific credibility. If the author put forward other points of view with references from scientific papers and then discussed the pros and cons it might. This is not the case on quackwatch. its one sided and has a specific agenda so has NO SCIENTIFIC CREDIBILITY. You are fully aware of this yet consistently try and defend it as having scientific validity. And you wonder why no one respects you and takes you seriously? NB. I am not anti vaccine. Although i have stated this repeatedly and told you that i have had many vaccines myself you keep falsely labeling me as anti vaccine. I don't want to trow the baby out with that bath water but I do question vaccine policy. That does not make me anti-vaccine anymore than refusing to buy a car with an automatic gear shift makes me anti car. Edit: ###@Stormy - please don't talk to me about scientific credibility. You think you can diagnose disease by touching people's scalps.#### Mr Orisate, I have never diagnosed disease based on palpation of the scalp. that is not what cranial osteopaths are trained to do. Of course you choose to believe the assertions of a deceiver who has been exposed in open court as a liar ( http://subversivethinking.blogspot.com/2... ) and had no training at all in Cranial osteopathy rather than someone who has done the training? Well what does that say about your level of intelligence and gullibility let alone your credibility ? ###You won't even agree that homeopathy is bogus.### My feelings on homeopathy I have made clear many times. As long as it is practiced safely I don't have a problem with it. Nothing is unsafe about giving people water in very small doses. If a treatment protocol involves stomping around in suet chanting praise to the lord as long as it is practiced safely and does no harm, I don't care. Fact is neither of these practices will do harm. Another fact is people can choose these things and don't need your permission. GET OVER IT! Edit: Nate, as your camp have repeatedly said, when questioned about whether your camp is qualified to judge us, you don't have to be qualified to make a valid opinion.Keep your face in your palm boy.

  • I am asking for my German Sheaferd?

    He is just of 27 days. I want to know when I have to start him vaxine? How many and what type of vaxine I have to give him? Upto know I m giving him milk and water, when can I start

    Wrong section.... They have special puppy milk at petsmart, walmart, and a couple other places. Call the vet. You can't get his shots until he is 8 weeks old. And as for the biscuits. Also wait until his puppy teeth are mostly in. As you don't want to hurt him by him not chewing it all the way.


    My sister and i ARE sick with H1N1 A.K.A SWINE Flu umm I just cleaned my house with lysol opend the windows to air out the house washed the sheets and covers i just passed out on

    Call your doctor's office first thing tomorrow morning and tell them your situation. It's too late for a vaccine. The Tamiflu works best if it's started within 48 hours of symptoms.

  • Was it a bad move by goverment putting swine flu vaccine in fertile chicken eggs? (UK)?

    considering 5.4% of UK population are Vegeterian yes some of those who claim to be vegeterians might not be wholy but the fact still remains that if 5.4% claim to not purchase

    True, but not all flu vaccines contain eggs. Using eggs is the most common technique, but due to people that have adverse reactions because of egg allergies, scientists are trying new ways to make vaccines. Check out this link to learn a little more: http://www.examiner.com/x-29228-LA-Healt... I also would like to point out that most vaccines use egg proteins, not just the H1N1 vaccine.

  • Small red dots...Chicken pox??!!?!?!?!?

    i have these small red dots on my right arm and only like 3 on my left arm and i have like two or three on my legs...i asked my mom she said it looked like chicken pox...but i have

    sometimes it could be rashes because they all look different orit could just be chicken pox


    Twin girls named Alicia and Addison survive a horrible virus that they later find out was created by a crazed man who wanted to start the whole world over. He's the only one with

    Nice plot. I know you really really want a good answer to this but I'm not going to give it to you. I feel like no matter what ideas anyone gives you, its going to suck because they don't think the same way you do. As long as you're not writing for an essay that's due for school or something CRAZY like that, you should take your time and wait for the inspiration to help with the story to come to you through experiences in life or maybe even dreams. In the RARE case that you have to turn this story in for a grade or something WEIRD like that for school, i hope someone comes along and gives you some ideas for the story. If it has a due date, don't think about it and you'll find its easier to write.